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Online Horse Games for Girls

Updated on October 23, 2012

Horse Breeding Games

Horseland - This game is online. You join and you can play a girl or boy, choose your own horse or dog. This game is fun for little girls and teens alike.

Horseland is a free online game that you can play on your computer or laptop. There are many horse online games that you can play and hook up with your friends. You can choose from horse jumping, horse racing and dressage and so much more.

You can play all these horses games with your friends online and have fun with them. You can get advice keep in touch with their lives and chat all day long.

Horseland Jr - Horseland Jr is for the little girls who are crazy about horses. There are many things to do in the game. You care for your horse, collect coins and make many friends. It's all about horses and loving them. This is perfect for horse crazy little girls.

My Stable - This is one of the best online horse games. It takes you right into raising horses. You can make your own virtual horse, care for it and show it in competitions if you want. You can breed a horse and zebra together if you wish.

The horses come in all sizes, shapes and personalities. You can increase the barn size as your stables grow. There is a vet to check on your horses making sure they stay healthy.

Virtual Horse - There are many horse games that are online for you to choose from. There's racing, dressage and jumping. Many horse games include care of your horse, bets visits, taking care of your horse, riding your horse and creating your own horse.

Horse games online are fun and will bring many hours of joy and you will be biulding friendships that will last forever.

Saddle Up With Pippa Funnell

Grab this great game from Amazon today!
Grab this great game from Amazon today!

Barbie Horse Games Online

In this Wii game you help Barbie as she goes to this horse ranch. She chooses her own horse, learns to care for it and ride it. There are 13 different horses to ride. They have their own personalities and strengths.

You can explore all of the island or you can compete with your horse. You can win ribbons and trophies for your wins.

This is a fun game to play save for the instruction to the adventures aren't that clear. Children five or under may have problems understanding the quest lines in the game.

Horse Grooming Games

Grooming a horse is very important, yet an online horse grooming game must offer more than just grooming, clipping their nails and making sure they are healthy.

These games do just that. They ofter competitions that the player can compete in. Halter compositions, riding, dressage and so much more. They also teach good grooming habits so that when the player really does own a horse they can properly take care of it.

Horse Riding Games

Gallop and Ride - You are the owner of this horse ranch, You take care of the horses. Feed them, give them water, groom them and take care of their hooves. You train them for competing in jumping. You also get to ride them in open spaces and feel the thrill of riding a horse.

There are many to suit your needs and wants in a horse game. It's easy and fun. It's like having your own horse to care for without all the hours of work.

Horse Racing Games

Horse racing or the "Sport of Kings" is fun. There are many games out there that have you as the owner and jockey. You select your horse, race him and try to get a higher rating and then retire him to breed a better race horse.

If you like the thrill of racing these games are for you.

Baby Horse Games for Girls

All little girls seem to be born horse crazy. If they want a horse then get them a computer game that is online.

Some games you can be a vet taking care of horses, other games you are the owner and others jus the rider. All the horse games out there teach you about horses and their care.

As you know, horses take up a lot of time in your day in their care but they can provide so much. Yet these games are fun and she will have her own horse - on computer, but at least it will be hers.

New Horse Games

There are always more horse games coming out for all the girls who want horses. If you can't afford a horse or live in the city, this is the next best thing!

What do you want in a game? Is it just racing? Is it the breeding aspect of the game that you like? Do you like the showing and jumping? Think about what you want in a game and then look around for a game that fits your personality.

Play Horse Games Online

So if you want to play online horse games, you have a few different options. Some are free, others cost money. However, whichever direction you choose, you are guaranteed to have fun! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to: ("" (, or,,, or


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