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Online Cash Gaming Industry in India

Updated on October 5, 2012

Review of Gaming Industry In India

Online and cash gaming in India has crawled the internet screens like shadow of a sky scraper. Millions of people daily exhaust their eyes over several online games. But little must have they thought that behind the small screen, there are companies pouring in billions for this industry. With the accelerated advent of technology, internet connections, personal computers and spending capacity of people, online gaming has established its mark very well on the average to-do list.
Reports have shown that the average number of hours spent online for gaming has increased 10% since 2009. Here are some interesting facts about online gaming.

  • The Indian internet users have risen to 100 million (Source – Online marketing trends)
  • One in 10 is addicted to online gaming
  • Online gaming has increased at a doubling rate every year due to increased use of internet and mobile.
  • The market size of Indian gaming market was estimated around $100 million in 2010.
  • The revenue expected in 2011 from online and Pc gaming is expected to be around R220 crores (Source : KPMG – FICCI media and entertainment industry report 2009)

The population which generally adapts to online gaming consists of teenagers and adults. With such a potential target audience and ready-to-spend attitude, what was soon to follow was the evolution. There are online as well as cash gaming site online, which make you participate by either logging in or through some cash payment. The rewards too are fascinating enough to let one try them at least once.These sites make you compete on skill games. Skill games are generally those which require logic and analytic skills to compete. You can choose your favourite game on grounds of your expertise and compete with other users online.


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