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Online and Traditional Poker

Updated on August 13, 2012

Although online poker and traditional poker have the same foundations of play, most poker enthusiast may agree that the scale tips in favor of the traditional way. Even though internet poker does provide a great source to play poker at any time with virtually anyone, it lacks the intensity and intimacy of face to face play. Also, Traditional poker is a game that can be great to play with friends.

One of the more obvious differences when traditional poker is compared to online poker is the atmosphere. Online poker feels more laid bacl, whereas in-person-play tends be more competitive and intense. In traditional poker, the player must stay on top of all parts of the game, such as maintaining good reads and watching for new tells through out play. These are techniques used to try to read an opponent's body language. With all of this going on, the player must predict the value of his own hand and the other cards in play.

In relation, traditional poker allows players to have more diverse styles of play. When considered, the two are comparable to science and art. Like science, online poker mainly deals with perimater skills, which teach good fundamentals, but lacks the dynamics of traditional poker. Most players would agree that in-person-play when it comes to environmental factors. Traditional poker also leaves more room for manipulation and strategy that poker strives on.

Finally, there is a stark contrast to the pace and camaraderie of traditional poker. Of course online, a person can play with thousand of people, but traditional poker, when played with friends, is more enjoyable. The pace of the game and the amount of social activity is controlled by the group because time limits are nonexistent in a casual game. In essence, there are more motions to go through with traditional poker, therefore more stimulation.

Most people play poker for either the strategy or for the social activity that traditional poker provides. With face to face poker, a person will gain the whole experience. They will find the interactions are base on reaction and the reaction of their opponents' psychology and body language, not just on calculations. Either way the game is presented, it is still a great game for people who like strategy and the thrill of chance.


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