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Oolong Island: Tornado Tyrant help forum! (DC Universe Online)

Updated on December 26, 2013
Clash of DC Universe
Clash of DC Universe | Source

DC Universe Online: Brief insight

 Those of you who know the game DC Universe Online, will most likely know what an "instance" is. The game actually is laid out with several different types of online pvp categories. Arena, Alert, Legends, Raids, Duo, and Vault. Each one is unique to different styles of interactive gameplay. However "Alerts" are what we will be viewing in this informative page/forum/video/what ever you want to make this. More specificly Oolong Island, you receive this as part of a quest as well. When you come of proper level you can join the queue for this instance and go through the stages of the scenario to defeat the end boss.

Clip of blocked door in oolong island alert

Tornado Tyrant

 To narrow this down to the main point I am trying to make, I have made a quick video of the situation I am having as well as many others I believe. My server is "The Killing Joke" I am currently on heroes side. I do not know if the problems I am having is what others are experiencing but that is the exact purpose as to why I put this up. My problem is that every time I queue up for an alert on Oolong Island I always get put in the same one that seems to be stuck in some kind of loop. As soon as it starts it will say "Defeat the Tornado Tyrant" which I later discovered is this big yellow guy in a sealed room. However you follow the arrows to where your supposed to be and now you cannot do anything because doors that will not open block your way. I spent hours trying to figure out if I had to flip a switch or kill something to open the door but there is nothing. All the other players are as baffled as I am. So on the video I presented I show you the reasons for why I know its the same instance. Because the same name show on the top of the scoreboard and the same time spent. I did a lot of searching for this problem on the internet, as of the date of this post I have found no related information. I also reported the problem as a bug to the DC Univers oline help.

The idea of this is to get others involved if this is a consistent problem around other servers as well it would be nice to know if someone out there has some different information about it. The comments section is open to anyone that can add anything to the table. Even if I am wrong about something please point it out, who knows maybe there is a way to solve this problem.

Note: I will post in the comments if I actually find the source number of the instance or instances that have this exact problem. So that everyone can avoid those ones.


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    • XactScienZ profile image

      XactScienZ 6 years ago from UTAH

      Update: It appears the door locking problem on tornado tyrant has been fixed from the last patch as of 02/25/2011. However let it be noted that if you are playing any instance as a team please go into boss fights as a team because the same thing can happen again possibly if one person gets stuck in there alone and logs out in the middle.