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Optical Tricks

Updated on July 31, 2013

Look Mind

Here are examples of the kind of illusions you can find on the amazing LookMind website created by Dr. Dmitry L. Rakov and Vladimir Alexeev. They have a created a website that contains all the possible kinds of illusions, puzzles and tricks to tease and push the mind to its limit.

Where once all of these illusions and puzzles were scattered throughout the internet in no particular order on websites that were not regularly updated or carefully maintained these two peoples have brought them all together under one roof . By doing this they have created a place where people can come to exercise parts of their brain that never get exercised and in so doing open the mind to new possibilities.

Regularly visiting this site to explore the illusions and puzzles is a form of meditation or conscious hypnosis that ultimately enables you to wriggle free of the constraints your belief system places on you and holds you captive.

To visit the website and experience more of the very small sample I have provided in this hub follow the link: Intellectual Development


Ring a ring a rosie


How many legs?


How many cubes are there, 6 or 7?


Opening in or out?


Have Fun - You Deserve it!


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