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Order Up: Game Review: A Z-MAN Game

Updated on February 19, 2014
What the outside of the box looks like.
What the outside of the box looks like. | Source
What the game looks like.
What the game looks like. | Source
Directions page one.
Directions page one. | Source
Directions page two and three.
Directions page two and three. | Source
Directions page four.
Directions page four. | Source
Action cards.
Action cards. | Source
Ingredient cards.
Ingredient cards. | Source

Order Up Game Review

The first picture that I have included shows what the outside of the box looks like. On the bottom middle of the box it says, "Kid Fun" in yellow and blue letters, indicating that this is a children's game. On the bottom right of the box it says, "2 to 4 players for ages six and up, time 20 to 40 minutes." The box is a decent size and a little heavy.

The other pictures that I have included shows what is inside the box including what the game set up looks like. Opening the box, there is a game board, two dice, four plastic cars, the game instructions, 33 order cards, 91 topping cards, and four reference cards. The board takes up a decent amount of space, so make sure you have enough room for the board on whatever surface that you are playing on. I like the look of the board and it is well labeled and different colors are used for the inside roads to help you see where you need to deliver the pizzas. The goal of this game is to make the most money by delivering pizzas. Each order has a certain dollar value attached to it.

The board is set in the center of the table. The youngest player chooses first which color they want to be. There are four different colors: green, blue, yellow, and red. Each restaurant is located at a different corner on the board. The plastic car is placed in front of the restaurant that matches the car's color. The yellow Toppings cards are shuffled and each player is dealt six cards. Each player also receives a Topping Reference card. Remove the game order card from the order deck and shuffle the cards. Place the game over card back into the middle of the deck. If you want a longer game, place the game order card near the bottom of the deck.

Turn over three order cards and three topping cards. The youngest player goes first and play continues clockwise. To move your car, roll the two dice and move up to that number of spaces. Players may occupy the same space. On your turn, if you are in front of your own restaurant you may draw one or two topping cards or choose one of the face-up topping cards. You can not have more than 10 toppings in your hand. If you draw or get more than 10 toppings you must discard down to 10 cards. If you choose one of the face up topping cards, replace that card with a new topping card. If you run out of topping cards, reshuffle the topping discard pile to form a new draw pile.

I have included a picture of what the action cards look like. There are four action cards in the topping deck that allow you to do certain things only during your turn. You can play more than one action card during your turn only. The wild card allows you to have any topping that you need to complete your order. The speed trap sends a different player back to their restaurant during your turn. The energy drink allows you to add three to your dice roll. Pizza plunder allows you to take any two toppings from another player if you are in that player's restaurant.

To complete a pizza order, you need to have all the toppings listed on that order and have your car enter the space for that order. Replace the completed order with a new order. There should always be three orders face up. After completing an order, you may continue driving making as many deliveries as you can with your remaining movement. The game ends when the game over card shows up. The player with the most money wins. If there is a tie, the player who delivers the most pizzas wins. The game remains a tie if the money and the deliveries are the same.

Having played this game, everyone seemed to like it. I like the look of the game. I like what the pictures look like. The instructions are well written and easy to understand. Sometimes, depending on what ingredients you start out with and what the order calls for, you may spend a lot of time in front of your restaurant getting the right ingredients to complete any order. If that happens, I would not bother rolling the dice and just let everyone know that you will be drawing cards instead of moving.

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