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Order and Chaos Auction House Buyers Guide

Updated on April 5, 2017
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Melody is a gaming enthusiast who loves playing apps. She has played OAC for many years. Jade enjoys clowning around and mount hunting.


The Auction House at a Glance

Play Order and Chaos like the pros, utilize this auction house buyers guide to improve gameplay. You will need these valuable tips on how to save yourself time by purchasing from the auction house.

Those who do not have hours to spend farming can enjoy the game with AH (auction house) help.

We wish we still had the time to farm, and do all of the quests. Realistically, we have a real life to tend. This is where the auction house becomes your best friend.

The benefits of using the auction house make learning about it worth it. You can buy gear that makes you stronger, formulas for T1 and T2 gear, special buffs and more.

Learn to Buy on the AH

Image for Order and Chaos Buying Guide.
Image for Order and Chaos Buying Guide. | Source

Does it Cost Gold to Place and Auction in Order and Chaos?

I wanted to address this question because a lot of people seem to think it costs gold to place and auction on the Order and Chaos auction house.

It does not cost any gold to place an item up for auction. There is no limit that I have found on how many auction you can place.

All gold amounts are what you are asking, not what you are buying.

How to Use the Auction House Menu

The Auction House menu looks a little something like the image to the right. There are many options to choose from, and sub-menus to navigate.

Let's go through them step by step so you can learn what each option does.

Bid: Press this button and you can begin to look for items you want to buy.

Auction: This button is where you will go to sell items to make gold.

Bid List: This is a list of any items you have bid on (items you want to buy at the lower, top price)

Auction list: Here you will find all items you place for auction. Bid price will be in green if someone has placed a bid. Your purchase goes to your mailbox when the time limit on a bid runs out, or when you buyout an item.

Quality: This describes the quality rating of the item. Each color represents a slightly better item. With gray being lowest and purple or orange being highest. Blue items often pop up, and are great. Wait for a good price, or place a bid.

Type: This menu sorts the items. If you want to look for a specific item, you use this option. It will open the sub-type menu where you can further sort your query.

Level: This is used when trying to buy armor in Order and Chaos. You can specify which level gear you are looking for.

Reset: Starts the query over.

Submit: After hitting this button, you get your results.

In Red: If you tap these buttons you can refine the search you performed.

Quality: Sorts search results by quality/color.

Level: Sorts search by its level.

Remaining time: Sorts search by how much longer is left in the auction.

Auctioneer: Sorts the search by who placed the auction.

Present price: Sorts the auction by present price. Click it once, and high prices are first. Click it a second time to you can search prices low to high.

Some Items can be difficult to find, but with time you will learn how to look up everything in the auction house.

The Auction House Menu


Some Order and Chaos Auction House Categories

Home Armor Scraps
Other equipment sheids
All Fur
All cloth (wool, coten, linen)
Ore (bronze, mascarite, light silver)

The Category System

Finding the item you want can sometimes be difficult. There are some items that seem to be in a strange category. This can make finding the item you want to buy difficult.

Try to make your search as specific as possible. This means you need to know the classifications of various gear, items, goods and consumables.

This chart helps you search some of the more common, and difficult to find Items. For example, a lot of people ask, "Where do you find normal armor scraps on Order and Chaos' auction house?"

If you follow the chart, you can see it is in Material, other.

Prices Differ on Each Server

Are prices too high on your server?

See results

To bid or to buy out...

There are two prices listed on most auctions. Some auctions will only have one price. An auction with one price means there is only a bid. All other auctions will also have a buy out price.

Bids = The bid is the top price listed, or only price. It is always the lower of the two prices. If you bid on the auction, the gold is taken from your bad and deposited on the item.

If you do not win the item because someone else bid, then the money is mailed back to you. The bid will last as long as the auction is. You need to check the auction time to see how long you have to wait.

Buyout = This is the bottom and higher price. Bottom, as in below the bid. This price is higher, but it is more convenient. If you buyout an item then you get it right away, and straight to your mailbox.. The money is taken from your bag immediately.

© 2014 Jade Griffin


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