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Order and Chaos Drops: Common Level 60 - 70 Warrior and Ranger Rings

Updated on April 5, 2017
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Jade is a gaming enthusiast. She has played video games for many years. Jade enjoys clowning around an engaging in positive vision.

Gear Debate

Where does the best (pre-dungeon) gear come from?

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Keeping track of where to find the best ring drops in Order and Chaos can be a challenge. Gameloft is very aware of its players, and attempts to satisfy.

They consistently maintenance and modify the servers, without much down time. This means that players have to keep their heads to ground and gind and farm out those astonishing greens and impressive blues.

Farming blues and the rare marvel greens, blind is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. However, here are some verified, recent blue drops in Order and Chaos.

These are items you will have to farm. This means you have to find the enemy, and then kill it over and over and over again. The more you kill it, the more likely what you want will drop.

Different Classes Need Different Stats on Gear

The best ring for your class depends upon which class you are, and what your spec (talent points) is.

Understanding of your class, and spec can hep you understand how to chose the best pre-dungeon gear.

Knowing your class is the key to choosing the best gear.

The Daze Ring of Agility

The daze ring of agility is a great DPS ring for a DPS warrior or a Ranger. There are some mages, who might choose to wear this for some various reason.

The Daze Ring of Agility Specs:


  • 18 agility
  • Increase Critical Level by 18
  • Increase Haste Level by 18

Requires level 62

This is a ring that helps with dodge, critical strike chance and ranged attack power and haste levels.

The green equip attribute gives crit but the agility adds a higher chance of crit. The agility also helps with dodge.

This is for someone who deals a lot of ranged damage, but be able to get up close (dodging). That is why it is one of the best Level 60 - Level 70 rings for a DPS Warrior and Rangers in Order and Chaos.


Daze Ring of Agility Location

If you want to venture to the Daze Ring of Agility location in Order Chaos, you have to be willing to travel to a deep dark castle, seemingly unimportant.

There is a brief quest line that draws you through the area, The castle which holds your awaited tresure is Castle Thratir, in the far north of the Under Realm (center of the map).

When you get there you will be greeted by two quests:

  • Waters of Madness
  • Xethridra's Demise

The first, Waters of Madness, rewards you with Expeditionary Venture's Cuisse. This won't mean much more than a couple of gold from a vendor for Rangers, However, a DPS warrior may find use of this items.

The Expideitionary Venture's Cuisse Stats


  • 993 Armor
  • 20 strength
  • 27 stamina
  • Increases hit level by 32

Xethidra's Personal Guards' drop the Daze Wing of Agility. While on these quests you run across the enemies who drop the treasure you really want.

Other drops you may get while farming:

List them

Other Gear Dropped in Castle Thratir

Increased Attack Power
Increased Critical Level
Treacherous Crosbow - Level 64
Whisper Ring of Earth - Ring Level - 62
Dark Night Staff - Level
Spell crit 30
healing power 152

Obsidian Ring of Guile

The Obsidian Ring of Guile is a blue ring which is useful to rangers and warriors.


  • 18 agility
  • 18 stamina
  • Increase attack power by 37

Level 62

The agility will increase dodge and parry rates. The stamina will give you more health points and the attack power will increase melee (up close) damage.

I found this ring on the auction house, and was happy to lay down some gold with it. As soon as I get it to drop, I will let you know where.

Cliff Loop of Craziness

The Cliff Loop of Craziness is a warrior and ranger ring. While there is no agility or strength, there is a sweet amount of attack power, hit land haste levels.

Cliff Loop of Craziness stats

  • Improves attack power by 41
  • Increase hit level by 20
  • Increase haste level by 20

Dropped in The Eternal Froslund, North West of Stone Cost by Likanii and Likanii's Guards.

This is also a popular power leveling spot in Order and Chaos.

Contractors' Seal Ring of Earth

The Contractors' Seal Ring is a green drop that you might see while you are farming one of the best blue rings for levels 60 - 70.

If it drops before a blue, warriors and rangers might want to pop this on for some added damage.

The Contractor's Seal Ring stats

  • 37 strength

Level 68

Remember strength equals 2 melee points for warriors and 1 melee point for rangers.

Whisper Ring of Earth

Xethidra's Personal Guards, in Castle Thatir of the Under realm, also drop the Whispering Ring of the Earth.

This is a nice green that will do in a pinch. It's only quality is 28 strength. This ring requires level 62.

Remember though, that translates to melee damage. This can be a big plus for all types of warriors and rangers. There are better rings out there, but many wear this while they look for them.

The Whisper Ring of Magma

The blue rings above are for warriors and rangers; however, there are a variety of those rings, some for mages and monks.

Greens are the same way. Here is a nice green ring you can get as early as 62. By 68, you will want to have farmed one of the blues from Lakanis Guard or Brutos camp.

Whispering Ring of Magma stats

  • 19 strength
  • 19 wisdom

Level 62

The Salvation Ring of Defense

The Salvation Ring of Defense is easy to get and helps improve block and parry stats for warriors.

Salvation Ring of Defense stats:

  • Increases block level by 9
  • Increases parry level by 14

This drops in multiple locations across Tear Cost, Swamp of Wyrms and The Whispering Islands

Best Drop Location: Tear Cost - Shadow Knight, Shadow Kings

Understanding Order and Chaos Ring Drops

Most rings area part of a collection. The collection is composed of similar rings that have various stats, for various classes.

For example, the Cliff Loop of Craziness has attack power hit and haste. Its sister ring, the Cliff Loop of Accurate Magic, has + 20 Stamina, + 20 Wisdom, and Increase spell hit chance by 20. It is worn at level 67.

There are other cliff loop rings. Monks would hope for the Cliff Loop of Salvation, with + 20 Stamina, + 20 Wisdom and Increase healing power by 46.

The best drops come from the enemies in the Eternal Frosltand. However, there are hundreds of items which may drop.

You will get many blues if you farm the important enemies. If you do not get the blue you want,. take it over to the auction house and sell it.

You can use the money to buy the ring you want off the auction house. It might not be up now, but it will most likely drop for someone who will sell it.

Don't know how to use the auction house? Don't Miss These Auction House Tips and Tricks.

© 2014 Jade Griffin


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