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How to make Oregami/Oregamie animals and flowers

Updated on August 10, 2010

Scroll Down for lessons in Oregami

 A brief history of the origination of the paper folding art of Oregami

The word Oregami is derived from the Jpanese words for paper and fold being "Ori" meaning paper and "Kami" which was pronounced with a "g" sound and becoming Oregami as the centureies passed.

The paperfolding art was introduced to the wealthier dynasties in China and later became more known under Japanese culture.

The Chinese dynasties were the only households that had access to large quantities of paper and passed on the skill from generation to generation as asacred form of good will and gesture to other families and was later adopted by the warlords as a decorative wrapping for small offering of exotic foods and articles of value.

The art has become more commercialised and was freed to the public in the 14th to 16th century as books on the origami designs become more and more readily available and paper was no longer as scarce as it had been in previous centuries.

The most popular forms of Oregami

Various types of origami animals can be formed as well as some interesting shapes. The most popular forms of Origami that are desired are often Origami Birds, Origami Swan,Origami Frog, Origami Jumping Frog, Oregami Lily,Oregami Lily, Oregami Lotus and other Oregami Flowers, Oregami Horse, Oregami Duck, Oregami Fish, Oregami Fish, Oregami Cat, Oregami Rabbit,Oregami Dove, Oregami Dove, Oregami Ball, Oregami Rose and Oregami Star.

The art of oregami relies on clear crisp clean folds in the paper as strength of the finished oregami animals rely on their ability to maintain shape and form.

 Before you get to a few lessons, we have selected a few cheaply priced resources that you can use to amaze friends and relatives with your Oregami skills. They are great for gifts too as I can't think of anyone who wouldnt appreciate a gift like this for any occasion. Great for family entertainment.

A cheap means of keeping your kids occupied and a wonderful art form to produce on a date or blind date.

Oregami products for cheap purchase and hours of fun for the whole family

How to make an Oregami Jumping Frog

How to make the Oregami Crane

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      daria 6 years ago

      nu stiu sa ac asa ceva

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      Audrey Kirchner 7 years ago from Washington

      Cool craft - my son loves this!