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Origins Zombies How To Activate Easter Egg song Shepherd Of Fire By Avenged Sevenfold on BO2

Updated on September 14, 2013


In this guide I will tell you the steps in order to turn on the Easter Egg song Shepherd of Fire by Avenged Sevenfold on Origins Zombies on Black Ops 2. This song was recently released by the group and was in the intro trailer, but of course, you can also here the song within the game if you follow the steps that I talk about below.

Before going further I will say that I will post a video on how to unlock the song, but will also be attaching a video of me playing Origins zombies. if you enjoy the video don't forget to subscribe on Youtube as I frequently post new videos to help everyone out on there.

What is Origins Zombies and The Easter Egg

As always I let me explain what origins is. Origins zombies refers to the zombies gameplay in which shows the last zombies map on Black Ops 2. Here Treyarch explains where the zombies come from, and show you where it all began. The map is set during World War 2, and allows you to witness how the game began, attempts to show that this was the last installment of the zombies franchise. I do believe that there will be more zombies gameplay to come because of how much we all love zombies, and was a key factor in the sales of the Black Ops 2 game. I believe Treyarch will have more zombies to come in the future, but may also release a game that is just zombies itself. But either way let me explain how to turn on the Avenged Sevenfold song "Shepherd of Fire" within the game.

How to Unlock The Song

If you want to hear the song within the game then you have to follow these steps.

In order to unlock the song you must find 3 small radio transmitters that when you hold the action button will overall start the song.

THE FIRST TRANSMITTER... The first transmitter is in the location by the church. You need to go up into the robot that walks on these paths near the church. I suggest hitting the first location while you are also doing the wind staff in order to kill 2 birds with one stone. Either way once you are up inside the giant robot near the church you are going to walk over to find the transmitter on the ground that looks out of place with a glowing orange front. It is easy to spot, and even easier to find on the next locations.

THE SECOND TRANSMITTER.. The Second location for the transmitter is underneath the excavation site. It is on one of the platforms that you can drop down onto near the mule kick. It is on the ground, and you should have no problem finding this location. Once you find the transmitter you should hold the action button (X on Xbox) and this will allow you to start the second location. The second location does not glow as orange as the first location but still looks like an antique radio. You will find this in the middle of the excavation tower right near the dials that turn for the ultimate staff.

THE THIRD TRANSMITTER... The third location for the transmitter is in the crazy place. Once you go down into the crazy place you will want to head between the fire area and the purple electric area. You will see a similar transmitter on the ground that is kind of out of place. Some thought this was for the Easter Egg initially but in fact simply unlocks the last hidden song for the Origins zombies. You will want to find this box in the middle in one of the corners, and once again simply hit the action button. Once you do this you should hear the song.

Some notes for this song. Sometimes you may need to move around and keep hitting the action button for it to register. ALSO, I have seen a couple times that the song will not start playing until a new round starts. So just keep in mind that a new round may need to start to hear the song. Either way this is the only places you will find these boxes, and then you will hear the song.

My Origins Gameplay


Overall the song is worth unlocking if you haven't heard it yet, but is also the second hidden easter egg song within the map. It is not difficult to accomplish, and all these locations will be explored if you are attempting to build the staffs, and are attempting to get to high rounds. If you have any questions please feel free to comment below, or ask me on Xbox. Also if you enjoyed my video don't forget to subscribe to my channel on Youtube. Thanks.


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    • profile image

      Mat 14 months ago

      It's actually set during World War 1...

    • profile image

      deez nutz 20 months ago

      that is awesome

    • profile image

      Yasmin 2 years ago

      No word of a lie when i heard about that guy selling BO2 for the PS3 i went and saw the lnsitig was very tempted to contact the guy.. but i held out and got distracted by something else..

    • profile image

      kevin 3 years ago

      Thanks man. I appreciate.