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Origins Zombies How To Make EACH Staff on Black Ops 2 ( BO2 )

Updated on September 14, 2013


In this guide I will teach you how to make each staff, and the locations of each staff, and any info you need for the staffs. I will also talk about the benefits of the staffs, importance of the staffs, and using them for your benefit.

Before I go any further, I will be attaching a video of me playing Zombies on Buried. If you enjoy the video, don't forget to subscribe as I will be posting videos for making the staffs, ultimate staffs, easter egg, and many other gaming commentaries, tips and strategies. I also will be posting guides on here for the upcoming Call of Duty game "Ghosts" and will be posting more Black Ops 2 guides, so don't forget to check back.

What are the Staffs

There are 4 staffs in the game. wind, fire, ice, and electric. The four staffs will help you greatly when trying to survive at high rounds, and will allow you perks and benefits to survive much longer. In my opinion the most important staffs to have is the fire staff, and the wind or air staff. These two staffs are the most powerful and I personally think the fire staff give you the best chance for survival into high rounds. With that being said, I typically only build the fire and wind staff in the game, as I enjoy these two the most, but when I lay with 4 people I will build all the staffs, and take which ever staff no one else wants. With that being said I will teach you how to make each of the staff parts within this guide.

Steps required to build any staff

Remember that once you have the parts needed for an individual staff there are certain things you will need to have done. I am describing these first, because these are needed for all staffs.

The white disc. The white disc is the first piece you need to get into any of the crazy places. You can find this at the top of the excavation site near jug. It will be located on the very top within the first area where you need to pay 2,500.

The second part is the gramophone. To find the gramophone is as simple as the white disc. Once you pay 2,500 to enter the jug area, head down stairs and you will find the gramophone. It is usually right to the left of the table where you need to place it to open the staff area, but can also be anywhere down stairs under the excavation site.

Once you have these two parts, you can start taking the next steps to assemble the staff of your choice.

Also another note, you can assemble more than 1 staff, but to do so, you must build a staff, then get the next crystal out of the crazy place, but I will get to that part below.

Building the fire staff

This is one of the most difficult staffs to build solely because in order to build this one, you must actually kill zombies, robotic zombies, and capture a generator. So I will start with this one.

The first part. The first part of the staff will need to be obtained by killing your first robotic zombie or armored zombie around round 7-8. Upon killing this zombie he will drop an orange staff part. This is usually the first part I acquire because prior to round 8 I am doing the other required parts for high rounds.

Upon getting the first part, you should head to generator 6. At generator 6 behind the church you simply need to capture this point to completion in order to get the staff part. Once the generator is captured you will receive the staff part out of the reward box.

The last part needed for the staff parts is in a plane. At the beginning of a round look in the air, and shoot a plane that is glowing orange, or on fire. one you hit this plane with a few bullets, you will see an orange glow drop from the sky. The last part will drop somewhere within the excavation site. For me this is always in the same spot closest to Juggernog because I always shoot the plane down from this location.

The disc needed for the fire staff is located by generator 6. It is one of several locations, but it could be located at generator 6, on the bottom floor of the church by the tank, OR upstairs in the church.

The last part needed for the locations of the fire staff is that the crazy place is located right outside the spawn location going towards generator 3. To make it even easier, there is a board on the wall that says "fire" on the board showing that this is the location for the fire crazy place.

The wind or air staff

The wind or Air Staff is actually fairly easy to build. When you are going to build the air staff you are going to need the 3 pieces, PLUS the disc for the air staff.

The disc to the air staff is located near generator 5. There are a few locations it can be at within generator 5, but you will see it with a yellow glow if you are within that area. Once you acquire this part you are ready for step 2.

Step 2 is acquiring each of the 3 pieces for the staff. Which are also fairly easy. All you need to do is get inside each of the 3 giant robots who walk around the map to get these staffs. To get inside the robots you must shoot the bottom of the foot which is lit up as it is about to step on you. Once you shoot these feet you will go from the ground up to the head of the robot, and you will find the staff part on a table. You must do this on each of the robots in order to build the air staff.

The location to go underground for the air staff is right near juggernog. It is the staircase downstairs, and requires you to enter the crazy place in order to retrieve the crystal for the air staff. Upon receiving the piece, you must then head upstairs and go underneath the excavation site and build your staff.

Building the ICE Staff

Building the ice staff is also quite easy. All you need to do is have a shovel which an be found in the spawn. And any time it is snowing outside you need to dig at the various locations across the map to find the ice pieces.

Usually the first time you go outside it will be snowing and you will get the first piece, then you just need to wait until the next time it is snowing in order to get the next few pieces of the ice staff. Keep in mind that it only snows once every few rounds, and you can only get one piece to the staff each time it is snowing, so I suggest that you wait until it snows until you dig things up, and once you get a staff piece, you wait until it snows a few rounds later to get the next pieces.

The location you need to go to in order to get the ice crystal is near generator 6. Once you have all the staff parts, go don into the crazy place near generator 6 in order to get the ice crystal. Then you just need to head to excavation site in order to build the ice staff.

How to build the electric staff

In order to build the electric staff you also need 3 pieces. This is like the air staff in that it i actually very easy to acquire, and you can do so in 1 round as long as someone has a zombies walking around to keep the end of a round going. In order to acquire the electric staff you will need the following 3 pieces.

Take the tank from the location around generator 6, and take it past the jug area. As you keep going you will see a ledge which you can jump onto. You need to jump onto this location and run down the stairs and pick up the first piece to the electric staff.

Now that you have the first piece, you will need the tank for the second and third piece.. Now it is easier doing this with 2 people, but with 1 person you will just need to ride the tank around again. Once the tank cools down, pay for the tank and ride it again. As you start coming around to the excavation site you are going to want to jump onto another ledge. As you jump onto this ledge you will walk down and get the second piece.

The third piece is located near where the tank spawn is. If you have a second person they can jump off just as the tank is pulling in, otherwise you will need to ride the tank around again. Either way the third piece is located on a ledge just as the tank pulls into the original spawn location for the tank. here you want to jump off and retrieve the piece.

Once you have all three pieces to the tank you will need to head near generator 5. This is the location where you will build the electric staff. Once the electric staff is built you will or should have all staffs built unless you went out of order, in which follow my other steps to build the others.

The order I suggest building the staffs

If you are going to build each staff I suggest starting with the fire. It is the most effective of all the staffs, and will allow you to build the other with ease.

Overall I suggest building the staffs in this order. First the fire, to help with the other. Then the air because it is the second most powerful and very effective on early boss zombies. Then the electric because it will help like the fire staff. Lastly the ice staff, because in my opinion it is useless other than completing the easter egg. So overall I suggest creating the staffs in that order.

MY Video With Fire Staff


Overall if you want to get to a high round on zombies, you will need a staff in order to do so. They are very effective and will help you accomplish creating a train to survive much longer. If you have any questions comment below or add me on XBOX @MKS JohnR ... Thanks for reading.


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    • profile image

      Storvsidna 9 months ago

      yeah look mate, half the shit you've said is crap and the other half is wrong and the other dude who commented it fkn right

      except about the plane

      you can shoot it down the round after the first debris to the church has been opened

      and your staff order is bullshit

      lightning has the most ammo and fires the fastest and does insane damage

      fire has the best crowd control

      ice has more ammo than the wind staff and a larger AOE

      wind has high damage low range low ammo

      fuck you

    • profile image

      Nigerianhungarian 2 years ago

      You're stupid man, it's just called the wind staff, the "electric staff" is actually the Lightning staff and the lightning staff is the most destructible and the white disc is found either in front of the entry to the church behind the escavation site on a wall, on a wheelbarrow when you first open the door or by an engine when you go tward jug from coming from the 2nd generator you never told where the damn lightning disc is which is around jug at generator 4, jug isn't in the escavation site btw, and you never told us where the lightning disc is, it's by gen 4 to the left of jug on a table or on a wagon directly the the right when coming from the robots footstep hole on the tanks pathway or on a wall next to the mystery box to the right and you also don't need the white disc to go to the cray place you only need it to enter the very bottom of the escavation site you just need all the discs for each and every staff you. hint: you need two parts of the fire staff and the fire disc to be able to shoot down the plane that is carrying the last staff piece. one more thing, nothing has to built or grabbed IN ORDER EXCEPT the fire staff.