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Orc Or Orsimer Race And Their Names In Skyrim The Elder Scrolls V

Updated on January 18, 2012

Orsimer in the Empire are known as Orcs. They are also known as Pariah People and some races in Tamriel call them Corrupt Elves. In spite of being mer, they are beastly barbarians, even more savage than their cousins wood elves Bosmer. That makes Orsimer to be widely feared and hated. Their gruff appearance and dark green or brown skin color make them look a bit like goblins and they are often treated as such. However, Orsimer are excellent blacksmiths, and their skill and strength in battle when they are berserker raging is unmatched in all Tamriel. Although most of Empire people consider them to be rough and cruel but their courage, fortitude and endurance in battles are rooted in loyalty and respect within a tribe. Orsimer respect their inner hierarchy and unlike some other races both genders are equal in Orsimer society.

Orsimer In Skyrim. Click to view full size image.
Orsimer In Skyrim. Click to view full size image.

Orsimer Skills And Racial Abilities

Orsimer Starting Skill Bonuses:

+10 Heavy Armor
+5 Block
+5 Enchanting
+5 One-Handed
+5 Smithing
+5 Two-Handed

Orsimer Starting Spells:

Flames (Sets the target on fire, doing some damage over time)
Healing (Heals the caster over time)

Orsimer Racial Ability:

Berserker Rage : Orsimer take half damage and do double damage for 60 seconds.

Iliiac Bay
Iliiac Bay

Orsimer History

An Aldmeri (Elder Elves, which are ancestors of all mer) hero Trinimac was against the Chimer religious practices to worship the Boethiah. He obviously didn't trust this Daedric Prince or treason and deceit and as history tells the Chimer later got cursed to become Dunmer, the Dark Elves with their hearts black as their skin. The conflict grew bigger and bigger and in the end Trinimac faced Boethiah himself in a legendary battle. Although Trinimac was a powerful hero, Boethiah swallowed him and used his voice to make fun of Aldmer and encourage Chimer. The Trinimac supporters got turned into orsimer as we know them now. From the remains of the dead hero, a new Daedric Prince Malacath was born. Orsimer call them Malauch or Malak.
Orsimer live in Illiac Bay which is just between South of High Rock and North of Hammerfel. They were often seen as threat for other races so they fortified the area and formed Orsinium, a small village that grew to become the Orc kingdom. They were often drew out of their homeland by Redguards and other races. During the Empire Orsinium was formally recognized as a kingdom and Orsimer even manage to conquer some baronies and smaller neighbour kingdoms.
But early in the Fourth Era Bretons and Redguards invaded Orsimer land and eliminated a significant amount of Orcs. A lot of refugees fled to Skyrim. They managed to build some small Strongholds there and are very suspicious of any non-orc that approach their fortifications.

Orsimer Society

The Orsimer religion is based on the worship of the Daedric Prince Mauloch who was born from the ashes of Aldmeri hero Trinimac. One of the Orsinium chieftains, Gortwog gro-Nagorm, had propesed the idea to worship Trinimac himself instead of his transformation. The Orsimeri are unanimous about the issue.
The Orsimer society is built on strongholds which are usually independent from each other. The tribe that lives in a stronghold is governed by a chieftain who is the only one allowed to marry and be a father of children. The successor of the chieftain is usually the chieftains son who manages to kill his father in a battle. It is a big dishonor to die old in Orsimer culture. Orc warriors look for honorable death in battle.
Tribes manage to stay strong because of their moral law dictaed by Mauloch. Theft and violence outside traditions within tribe is prohibited although strength is often used to solve conflicts. If someone has done something wrong, he has to pay with either material goods or with his blood.
The history of being endless outcasts reflects in Orsimer culture. For example, their weddings are held in the midnight, Orc women are expected to protect the Orsimer stronghold exactly as men - as warriors and archers. The blacksmiths are also usually women who excel in making orichalum armor and weapons. The second wife of the chieftain is usually called forgewife because of this. The chief daughter are usually married away to other Orsmer tribe leaders.

Orsimer Names

Very little is known of the Orcish language except that it is most likely proto-Aldmeri language because of their Aldmeri ancestry.
Orc names are always made of the first name and a last name which is always preceded by a gender prefix. Gro is a male prefix. Gra is a female prefix. For an unknown reason these prefixes are never capitalized in an actual name. You can tell the Orsimer gender by the name.

Some female Orc name examples would be Rogbut gra-Shurgak, Ragash gra-Dugul, Borba gra-Uzuk.
Some male Orc name examples would be Yagak gro-Homraz, Murzol gro-Atob, Khargol gro-Lagakh.


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    • profile image

      Aaron 5 years ago

      I just named mine Zorrgoth because it means pillage master and it sounded awesome. But now I'm thinking about having a female orc, and I'm not sure what to name her. I mean, I wanted it to sound orcish, but I wanted to sound like a female name as well. I know that's hard. lol

    • profile image

      Tim 5 years ago

      Gro means son of, Gra means daughter of. Their last name is the name of the parent they favor.