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Ouija Board

Updated on November 5, 2010

Ouija Boards

When my friends and I were 15, we lost a 17 year friend. He was bright, intelligent, and to this day, we don't quite know how he died. He was found in the house, but there were no traces of drink or drugs. It was put down as a tragic accident.

Over the next few years, we thought about him a lot. When we did the same things we had done with him, when we heard his favourite group, and quite often we would just talk about the funny things he had done.

After a couple of years our group broke into smaller groups, and we all made new friends. I stayed close to two people who had know him, and we made two other good friends. We had obviously talked about the friend we had lost, but never in great detail.

Anyway, one day we decided to play with a Ouija board. I don't know whose idea it was, or why we went along with it. Anyway, we set it up and started asking questions. I am convinced that someone was pushing the glass, as we got some really weird replies, including one spirit claiming to have been a Nazi and that Hitler was alive and living in Wales!!

As it was the school holidays, we met up quite often  - we were about 17/18 by now and the next time we played was in my grandmothers house. This time our contact was a former airman who my grandmother had known and who died in the First World War. We did not know this at the time, but vaguely questioned her when she returned and eerily a lot of the information we had about him was confirmed.

We should have left it at that, but we decided to have one last go. This time our friend came through. I had always been wary about touching the glass, but when this happened I insisted on holding it, to make sure it was not being pushed. There were two of us holding   - myself and a friend who had not known him.

The answers given could not have been guessed by someone who did not know him. Some would be easier to bluff, but more detailed ones about his tastes and views could not have been.

I left after a particular answer - his favourite footballer - and just walked around for a while.

If it was him who came through , I hope we did not disturb him when he did not want it. But there is also a part of me that worries, "what if he wanted that link with some people who he had left behind" Would he have felt ignored that we did not try to contact him again?

I only keep in touch with one of the people from that night - it was 30 years ago - and as she did not know him, we never mention it. 

If there is some form of life after death, I hope I can meet up with him then, and explain why we did what we did.


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