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Our Children’s Best Friend - Toys

Updated on March 23, 2012
Ancient Toys- Toys used in Greece in 3rd BC
Ancient Toys- Toys used in Greece in 3rd BC
Ancient Toys - Toys used in Indus Valley Civilization
Ancient Toys - Toys used in Indus Valley Civilization
Modern Toys - Barbie remains the favorites for girls
Modern Toys - Barbie remains the favorites for girls
Modern Toys- Boys
Modern Toys- Boys
Modern Toys- Boys
Modern Toys- Boys
Ultra Modern Toys - Mobiles Games
Ultra Modern Toys - Mobiles Games
Ultra Modern Toys - Electronic Games
Ultra Modern Toys - Electronic Games

Have you ever thought what our grandfathers played with they were kids? What type of toys did they play with? Toys have played an important part in our life. It was associated with our society and is considered to even to be a training module during the childhood. Type of toys decided how we should be trained and groomed to have a better place in society.

Ancient Toys

It is really difficult to say when was the first toy used? Did Cain and Abel have toys (Adam and Eve’s Children)? Though we do not have any details of them, but some of the early findings take us to Indus valley civilization. This civilization is known to be around 4000 years old spread across modern India and Pakistan. The entire civilization was discovered along the ancient cities of Harappa and Mohenjo Daro. Archaeologist had found toys made out of cart, monkey and birds during the excavation. Even in other parts of the world toys are known to exist as much before as 3rd Century B.C where mechanical puzzles where used in Greece. After the discovery of wheels, the most preferred toys were balls made of wood or clay. Even the gender based toys were available in history where boys used to play with stick and cart and girls with human forms which later evolved as dolls.

Modern Toys

It was the industrial revolution which produces toys in mass orders. But the concept of toys remained the same. First shop for dolls is dated back in 1700s in Europe. But the World War had its effect on Toy Industry. Lots of toy factories were shut to accommodate weapon manufacturing as it was more profitable and probably the necessity at that time. Later when the world moved towards peace and prosperity, toys factories and shops started to flourish and more and more inventions were carried out in this field. Metals and later plastics were used as the toys made from wood took longer production time and finish of the product were not at all comparable to metal and plastic counterparts. Perhaps the most famous toy will be Barbie dolls as every girl would love to have its collection. The boys liked more of puzzles and combat games. Lego, Game Board, Monopoly etc became very famous in the 19th and 20th century. Addition of cartoon characters and action heroes were well accepted amongst boys.

Ultra Modern Toys

Will toys keep playing an important part in Child’s development? The modern era of computer games and play stations definitely have its effect and physical toys are getting replaced by computers or simple sports equipments. Although wooden toys are still being made, the use of plastics, the most popular materials in today’s toy industry have stringent rules and regulations regarding its usage and chemical composition. Today in India, the toy industry is believed to be over Rs. 17 Billions business with an annual growth of 20%. Higher disposable income made Indian parents to think of innovative toys spending more. But the purpose of “Toys” is simply forgotten. Even most of them do not do a basic research on the composition of the materials used as sometimes they can harm the little ones. Us e of hi-tech gadgets and electronic games are all set to boom in Indian market. And India’s toys consumption is all set to grew by over 130% in coming few years. This is must more than any other Asian countries.

What type of Toys do your kids play with?

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    • shampa sadhya profile image

      Shampa Sadhya 

      6 years ago from NEW DELHI, INDIA

      Voted up and interesting!

      The fact is we all have played with toys, the present generation is also playing and the generations to come will also play with it. Only the kind is changing according to the change in time and technology. Well written hub.

    • deepateresa profile image


      6 years ago from Trivandrum, Kerala,India

      According to me , my kid like to play with all those stuffs available in kitchen ;) vessels, containers etc are her favorite toys than those we buy for her from shop...


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