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Outdoor Playhouses for Kids

Updated on September 21, 2012

 When I asked my little guy to wish upon a star with me he wished for a "little wooden house" in the yard.  Aha!  I finally knew what to get him for his birthday.  I was originally going to get him a Power Wheels toy.  But then I thought the chances of a little playhouse breaking down would be slim compared to the house.  When I went looking on line I had no idea some of these Playhouses could be as much as a really cheap car.   I have posted some of the homes for you to look through if you are interested in purchasing a playhouse for your child.  If you are lucky enough to spend a small fortune on a playhouse you can see them towards the end of the article.

I will start out with the one I purchased, the Cambridge Playhouse. I liked this one because of the color and how attractive it was. I also loved the fact it was big enough for me to fit in there with my little guy. It comes with a play cell phone too.  It took half an hour to put together.  it was roomy inside for my son.  I could sit in it but that is about all.  There is a lot of neat decorations on the inside, including  a mirror and a fireplace. There is a sink with some knobs to turn.   There is a little bench with a place to  hang your cell phone.  The little door in front is a half door. My only complaint is that it does not stay shut.

 The Sweetheart Playhouse is a darling little home with plastic hearts.  This playhouse has a several windows with working shutters.  On the front is a door that opens and closes. The Playhouse comes with a lot of cool features such as a clock with movable hands and an electronic cordless phone with six sounds. (AA batteries are required and NOT included)   This toy even has a working doorbell on it.  Your little gal will be impressed that the range turns over to make a grill.  The shingled roof even has a skylight.  Out of six customer reviews this Playhouse received four and half stars our of five.  Parent commented on how much their children loved the house and how roomy it was for them.  On parent stated she could even put in Barbie furniture for her daughter and it fit nicely.

 The Picnic on the Playhouse is neat concept.  It combines a picnic table with a playhouse!  It comes complete with a Kitchenette with cupboards and burners and an oven.  You can use your play food accessories that come with the playhouse to whip up a great picnic dinner.  The interior has  a fireplace.  The interior is big enough for a Little Tykes chair and a little Tykes Refrigerator.  The best feature though is the picnic table that extends from the window. You can serve yourself play-food or real food from your kitchen window.  The picnic table comes with two benches. The Picnic on the Playhouse averaged four and a half stars out of five from 13 customer reviews. Customers like that there is a lot of space inside. One family stated they could all fit inside even thought they were squished.   Parents liked the doorbell and the kitchenette.  Parents also state that it was easy to snap together but sometimes putting the screws in were difficult. Other parents stated their children had tons of fun in the house.

Step2 Nature Station Playhouse

This is a really cute house for any nature lover. This cute "tree house" has an open area in the back so your child can be on the lookout for wildlife. There is shelf for your little one to inspect any critters he may have found on safari. there is also a round window to look out of. A sink with a swivel facet is included.The nature Station Playhouse comes with some neat accessories. There is a butterfly net, a microscope and a bug collector. Also included are a lantern, shovel and a pair of tweezers. This is great fun for any adventurer. One customer gave the Step 2 Nature Station Playhouse four out of five stars. The parent commented how well it looked out doors and how it was fade resistant. This parent also commented on how durable it is.

Little Tikes Secret Garden Cottage

 The Little Tikes Secret garden Play house is a simple and affordable playhouse.  This Playhouse has a working door and a mail slot.  There is also a doorbell.  The Molded grill folds out the window to give extra play room.  Inside there is a clip for any artwork that your child may want to hang.   There are no accessories that come inside so there is more room for your kids.   This Playhouse can provide countless hours of fun.

The Neat and Tidy Cottage is a popular pick with parents. Unlike most playhouse s this one comes with a molded floor. The floor has two drain holes for easy cleaning. Inside there are two little seats to sit on and a kitchen table with a facet and two burners.This attractive house has shutters and a door that opens and closes. There are not really any walls and that makes this playhouse more open. This playhouse has a doorbell and a phone that makes sounds. (two AA batteries are not included) The Neat and Tidy Cottage has 62 parent reviews!. It average a four and a half stars out of five on the parent rating scale. Parents comment on how great the price is for the house you get. They also love the openness of it. Other parents state it is high quality and very easy to assemble. Another parent comment on how this was a great house to have indoors. The carpet won't get wore out since it has a floor.

Naturally Playful Storybook Cottage

The Naturally Playful Storybook Cottage does look like something out of a Storybook. This cute playhouse has a full sized door with a knocker that makes a dinging sound. it also has a thatched roof, working shutters and a secret fireplace! The description does read that there is a secret passageway here, but it has been taken out for safety concerns.The kitchenette has a swivel facet and a two burners. A neat feature is a cuckoo clock with movable hands.  Also included ins a cell phone that makes sounds.  ( batteries not included).  The Naturally Playful Storybook Cottage received five out of five stars from four customer reviews. Parents comment that they love the design and features. Another parent states this is a good indoor playhouse in the winter.

Step2 Naturally Playful Storybook Cottage

The Naturally Playful Welcome Home Playhouse is very quaint. It has a front door and two large bay windows. Inside is a drop leaf table and kitchen with sink range and storage cabinet. This playhouse has a skylight and a peaked roof. An electronic doorbell is included but batteries are not. Another accessory is a cell phone that is battery powered. This Welcome Home playhouse has a handrail and welcome mat. The Naturally Playful Welcome Home Playhouse received five stars out of five from nine customer reviews. Parents like that it is large enough for them to get in and play with their children. Another parent states paying the extra money is worth it for the extra room. Parents also enjoy the fact it keeps their kids in the shade during the summer months.

Cape Cod Playhouse 6 x 8 With Floor Kit And DeckRail

 The Cape Cod Playhouse is an absolute Dream-house.  This cute playhouse is made from aluminum.  The Cape Cod House has an option of putting in a railing and a deck.  It has real windows with screens.  The roof has shingles.  Obviously this Playhouse will need put together and painted. It is recommended that you have a cordless drill , a hook knife, a utility knife and a ladder to put this playhouse together. There is an adult sized door on the side.  The measurements inside is 6x8x78.  There are no customer reviews at this time.  The Cape Cod Playhouse is absolutely adorable and would be a great present for any child.

 Take a look at how cute the Victorian Playhouse is. Tons of room with it measuring 8x8.  This house is easy to assemble because it has paneling to put together instead of  just precut.  The playhouse features gingerbread trim.   There are windows with glass and screens and flower boxes by the window.  If you have questions about how to out this playhouse together there are down-loadable directions available online. 4x4 posts will be needed to purchase  at your local hardware store.  There are specific directions in the delivery.  This adorable home could be a family keepsake to pass down from generation to generation.

The Victorian Playhouse is huge. It is 10x 12. This house is very similar to one above. The Victorian Playhouse is larger. The precut panelized walls are easy to assemble. The playhouse has extra windows and flower boxes. There is chimney and a loft. The customer is expected to paint the playhouse after it is built. There is an option of adding a deck and rails.


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      Tina 7 years ago from Wv

      Thank is the best compliment i have gotten all week sunduskhan47. Thanks!

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      sunduskhan47 7 years ago

      u are superb Ms Chievous

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      Tina 7 years ago from Wv

      Breakfastpop I Know. I was surprised at how pricey these things can be!

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      breakfastpop 7 years ago

      I love these playhouses, but they are expensive!

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      Thank You Liljen23

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      Wow, great hub.. Thumbs up for you..