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OverSalted Overwatch Players

Updated on September 2, 2016



Toxic & Salty Online Gamers

If there is one important thing I've learned from playing online games, especially here in the Philippines, it's the degree of toxicity that exists within the players. I personally have fallen prey to using my words against another player as soon as the game isn't go my way. Additionally, I have friends that happen to be so toxic that you simply rather then compete with them to avoid being brought down along with them. Today's topic... SALTINESS and the ways to overcome these toxic individuals who make the game you enjoy into a wasteland of hatred and frustration.

Let's begin with how you can spot the toxic players in a game you happen to be in. They generally execute automatic lock in with a hero or are extremely demanding in suggesting that you switch a character. This usually only occurs in regular matches nothing that is applicable to ranked play. So why exactly does this take place in normal play? In all honesty I believe simple fact is that there isn't anything to lose ultimately apart from seeing a "Defeat" go across your screen at the conclusion of a match. Toxic people usually utilize this opportunity to brag with regards to their "skills" on a certain hero. Remember, that a majority of individuals who play normal usually start off or merely wish to have fun. Yes, you will find the whole "matching" people of your respective "skill level" but sometimes that merely isn't the case. There could possibly be an abundance of a particular level, then there may very well be no one around that level of skill that's even online to compete with. Then you need to take into consideration the total number of people in the party along with a handful of other considerations, but I won't proceed with going into detail concerning this. In the meantime let's just look into how you can spot them after which how to handle it once they get out of hand.


The Raging Warlord

First is considered the RAGER, the individual that freaks out the moment something doesn't go there way. They are generally the one who plays the blame game on EVERYONE else but himself. The individual that says "Are you stupid why didn't you heal me, you're the healer aren't you?!". Or my absolute favorite line, "I was going in and no one went with me!" when the simple truth is he didn't even bother to inform the team in the first place or didn't ping that he was going to go balls deep. How to cope with these individuals? Well for starters mute them immediately, if you're unable to hear or see what they're saying then it won't affect your game to begin with. Confer with your teammates and make sure they know to simply brush it off and simply do the same and mute him. It's far better that the remainder of you start cooperating than everyone start yelling at one another that they forget to actually play in the game. Keep in mind that these types of games now feature a reporting system that enables you to report these toxic individuals to prevent them from continuing on their rage quest.


Lord of the Trolls

Trolls, you'd imagine that they're just a natural part of some mystical universe but no, they exist in actuality too and they also can be quite a hassle to cope with. For example, they don't really value the team or anything concerning the game, together with their main focus is to ensure that whatever team they found themselves on will NEVER win. Hence the term, "Trolling"; I've only experienced this once in playing Overwatch and believe me that wasn't an incredible experience. Basically the guy played Mei and used his ice wall to trap us as opposed to the enemy team, which ended in a great deal of deaths for majority of us. He even tried it on my friend to propel him and expose his hiding spot, and mind you we were on the Temple of Anubis on the second objective defending it. My good friend was playing as Bastion and hiding in the corner in which the only technique to get to him was to flank the left side and immediately shoot as soon as you turn right from the corner. It's actually a common location to place a turret or post up at Bastion, and it didn't help that our ally Mei kept ice walling him up exposing where he was hiding. Naturally this got my friend fuming taking into consideration the Mei did this repeatedly regardless of whether there were enemies on the point. All things considered, we had been able to win the match but it was a great deal of yelling on my friends part for the Mei to quit trolling him as well as the rest of our teammates so hard. The sole means to fix a majority of these players is to just think about the match as a 5v6 and hope that they screw with the other team a lot more than your own. Again it is possible to report them during or at the conclusion of the match where Blizzard will be able to at the very least warn the player of their actions. It certainly won't be a automatic banned but at the very least they will be reprimanded for his or her actions rather than attempt to pull another stunt like that again.

Cooperation Unknown

Last however, not the very least are definitely the "Uncooperative" individuals in the game, individuals who refuse to just humble themselves and play a role that hasn't been filled. These individuals if not handled properly could become either the RAGER or the TROLLER, but it ultimately is determined by whether you handle the specific situation in a civilized manner rather than scold them for being uncooperative. You basically really need to kiss ass to make certain that they presume that by switching to a certain role they get to be the "carry" or the "savior" of the team as you will. The answer to making these uncooperative people cooperative is to get them to be believe that what you really are suggesting may gain them an advantage as opposed to implying it with assist the team more. The more confident they may be inside their role the higher performance you're going to get out of them, which often can lead to a victory for you personally along with your team. An excellent instance of having one of these work was when I recently played League of Legends with my girlfriend and my cousin, they really wished to play so I made a decision to take part in despite the fact that I haven't played the game in over half a year. I had been winning my lane as a mid Veigar, but our top Yasuo was having difficulty from the Nasus, he requested to switch lanes to make it easier for him. As an alternative to fighting him regarding it or saying "Why can't you handle a Nasus this is simply not even tanky yet?" I made the decision to merely say nothing and proceed to head to top lane and attempt to not become dog meat to the large tank before me. Luckily because I was ahead in items I out damaged the Nasus which in fact had no magic resist in the beginning. This provided me with the ability to deal damage and push the lane further whilst the Yasuo proceeded to deal with the Talon. In spite of everything, the Yasuo was acquiring more kills and I also managed to farm and stack properly in top lane forcing the Nasus to roam. I managed to get two towers down and push top lane to their own personal turrets. Considering that, the switch benefited the team overall and we made it possible to win the match with virtually no issues. I went with just one single death and could one shot majority of the team with my ult. Which is why sometimes being the cooperative one with assist the team overall, and you simply ought to run with regards to what you're given.

Spotting a Salty Player

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