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Overwatch: First Strike - The Overwatch Graphic Novel Origin Story

Updated on August 14, 2016

Overwatch: First Strike

Overwatch: First Strike is the origins graphic novel to the Overwatch series. This graphic novel plays as the intro to the series where you find out how Overwatch was formed and who formed it.

Thus far we know the names of the original six members: Jack Morrison – Soldier 76, Gabriel Reyes – Reaper, Ana Amari – Pharah’s mother (the most recently added character), Torbjorn, and Reinhardt. The graphic novel will give us more insight on the hidden character Liao that has not been released yet.

The novel was written by Micky Neilson, penciled and inked by Ludo Lullabi, and colored by Ryan Odagawa. It is scheduled to release digitally Novermber 2016 with physical copies to follow in April 2017.

A quote from the Overwatch website grabs exactly what we can expect from Overwatch: First Strike and other animated shorts, digital comics, and graphic novels to follow.

“Interested in the story behind Genji’s and Hanzo’s in-game banter? Wondering why Tracer and Widowmaker don’t seem to get along? Curious about all those jars of peanut butter scattered around the lab in Watchpoint: Gibraltar?” Follow along with this novel and other shorts released by Blizzard to find out why!

The graphic novel is projected to have a total of 100 pages.

The novel is said to take place during the Omnic Crisis – “the global robot uprising that unfolded decades before the events players experience in-game.” The events of the novel will show the early days of Overwatch, an elite international strike team formed to save humanity.

You can read the comic shorts that have been released so far here.


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