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Overwatch Menu Guide for Beginners

Updated on May 27, 2017
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I have been gaming since 2002 when I was 8 years old and got my first PC. Now I review games, make lists, and explore fantasy worlds.

Overwatch Victory Screen
Overwatch Victory Screen

Quick Menu Presentation

As soon as you open up Overwatch, you are greeted by the menu so let's go through all the options so you can easily make your way around from the very first few moments of gameplay.

The first option you will see is 'PLAY', which does exactly what it says it does. This button will take you to the Game Mode Selection screen but more details about it later.

Second option is 'TRAINING', which allows you to enter training maps where you can practice with all the different heroes. There are target dummies available for aim practice and so on. More about this one later on as well.

Third option is the 'HERO GALLERY' which contains all the cosmetic items you collect for all your heroes. At the beginning it will most likely be empty (unless you got the deluxe version) but you will be able to fill it up as you level along in the game.

Fourth option is 'LOOT BOX' in which you can either Open available Loot Boxes or purchase them for real life currency. These Loot Boxes contain cosmetic items that will be added into your 'HERO GALLERY'.

Fifth option is 'SOCIAL' which is pretty explanatory in itself as well. Here you can add friends, view friends and invite friends to play with you.

Sixth option is 'CAREER PROFILE' in which you can see how many hours you played and lots of different other stats about your career in Overwatch. Time played with a certain hero or how many kills you get on average in a single match and many other statistics.

The seventh option will be the 'OPTIONS' in which you can change Video/Audio/Controller settings and all that good stuff. Just like any other video game.

Overwatch Menu
Overwatch Menu
Overwatch Game Modes
Overwatch Game Modes

Game Modes

For the game modes we have the following:

  • Quick Play
  • Arcade
  • Competitive Play
  • Play vs AI

Quick Play

This game made allows you to enter quick matches with random people in which you can play casual games or just fun games. These matches played in Quick Play don't affect your ranking in the game.


The Arcade game mode contains fun game modes with certain special or wacky rules. It contains 3v3 matches, 1v1 duels, Capture the Flag, Mystery Heroes and many other game modes that are specifically made to be fun and wacky. These fun matches also grant an extra Loot Box per each 3 wins up to 3 extra boxes per 5 days.

Arcade Game Modes
Arcade Game Modes

Competitive Play

The Competitive game mode is unlocked only after you have reached level 25. In this game mode every match is counted to your over all skill rating which is also the way you are assigned into a league. You can promote from Bronze to Silver to Gold and so on. Very usual Competitive progression system but it is quite addictive.

In the competitive game mode you can also collect "Competitive Points" which can be used to unlock special golden weapon skins for your favorite heroes.

Overwatch Competitive Tier Legend
Overwatch Competitive Tier Legend

Play vs AI

In this game mode you can play with other people against Computer Controlled enemies to test out heroes or to simply train yourself. It features 3 main difficulties, Easy, Medium and Hard. The hard mode is not to be taken lightly as the AI is quite smart and knows how to run you down or camp you when necessary. I would warmly recommend this game mode to train yourself on new heroes.

Training Mode

In the Training menu you can hone your skills or go through the Tutorial once again so you can get more familiar with the way the game works. The main option from here though would be the 'Practice Range' in which you can enter and train your aiming skills or reaction time on training dummies.

You can practice with any hero and you can train both your normal shooting aim and also when it comes to aiming your skills.

Practice Range
Practice Range

Do you like training with AI or directly with real players?

See results
Hero Gallery
Hero Gallery

Hero Gallery

As I was mentioning above in this menu you can view all the cosmetic items you have collected for your heroes. You can collect the following:

  • Skins
  • Emotes
  • Victory Poses
  • Voice Lines
  • Sprays
  • Highlight Intros
  • Weapon Skins

These cosmetic items drop from Loot Boxes which are acquired every time you level up or through purchasing them with real currency. Also these cosmetic items can be Normal, Rare, Epic or Legendary - the latter being the most rare.

The items that drop can also be duplicates and in case that happens, instead of a duplicate you will receive some in-game currency. This currency can be used to unlock a skin, emote or something of your choice directly from the characters cosmetic menu.

Reinhardt Victory Pose
Reinhardt Victory Pose
Career Profile
Career Profile

Career Profile

In this menu you can see your overall stats in Quick Play mode or in the different Competitive Seasons. You can see the stats from your last game with the overall average per game and the total amount since you started playing. You can see that in the screenshot to the right.

You can also see the amount of time you played with specific heroes as well as Games Won, Win Percentage, Weapon Accuracy, Eliminations per Life, Kill Streaks, Average Kills, Average Deaths and the list goes on.

You can also see specific stats for specific heroes just in case you are curious on what character you are performing your best.

From the Career Profile menu, the Achievements screen can be accessed as well. In this screen you will find all your achievements as well as the achievements that you have not completed yet and what you would need to do to complete them.

Last but not least, in here you can also change your Player Icon. This would be the icon that appears along with your name in each and every online match. You can unlock more Player Icons either from Loot Boxes or from Achievements.

Player Icon Menu
Player Icon Menu

Highlights Menu

This extra option in the menu appears after you have played a couple of games and you made some noteworthy plays. In here you will find replays of the best plays you made recently.

This is similar to the Play of the Game replay, only in the Highlights menu you will only see your replays. Nobody else is able to access your replays so if there is one you absolutely love, then you can just replay it from there and then share it on Youtube.

Below you can find a compilation of 30 Plays of the Game.

Winston Plushie Recommendation

If you are big into plushies like me, I would recommend a plushie from the Overwatch universe. I am the proud owner of a Winston plushie which I acquired from the Blizzard Store once upon a sale and I could not be more happy with him.

He is well made, is firm to the touch and the seams are well put together. I warmly recommend it to any Overwatch fan.


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