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Overwatch New Character Liao

Updated on August 14, 2016

Liao: The next possible Overwatch character

After the release of the official roster of the characters who created Overwatch, there has been a lot of speculation about this character “Liao”. Who is this mystery character?

The original six members that formed Overwatch are: Jack Morrison – Soldier 76, Gabriel Reyes – Reaper, Ana Amari – Pharah’s mother (the most recently added character), Torbjorn, and Reinhardt.

Not a lot has been released about this character aside from the fact that we think they were supposed to be released with the game but were removed at the last minute to do additional testing. Many people have linked Liao to Mei-Ling Zhou because of Liao sounding like a Chinese name. Additionally, lots of people speculate that Liao may have been the cause of Overwatch’s downfall.

Regardless of what we do or don’t know we should have all our questions answered soon with the release of Overwatch: First Strike, a graphic novel about the founding of Overwatch and the original strike team. This is set to be released in November 2016 for digital and April 2017 for physical.

As more information is added this will be updated.

For now, follow the Overwatch: First Strike post for more on that.


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