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All you need to do to win Overwatch Ranked Games

Updated on March 20, 2017

The world could always use more heroes.


Cheers Love! The Calvary is Here!

So you want to be a hardcore Overwatch player and be cooler then all of your friends by showing them your Diamond Overwatch ranking? Well it isn't an easy feat as your here. What is the problem though? Why can't you climb? Is it your teammates or is it your own dunning-Kruger taking effect? Well rest your questions and read along.

Problem One - Practice Makes Perfect!



Now what I am about to tell you is really the number 1 things you can do in Overwatch - Use the Practice Shooting Range Bots. I know what your thinking -

"But The Practice Range is stupid - I just shoot the things a few times to see what abilities do and go vs players!"

This is the totally wrong mindset. Let me tell you a story Mr. Sharpshooter - I was falling in Ranked Season 1 game after game losses. I didn't know who to play or what to do to recover. It then occurred to me that I must be doing something wrong - but what? So I decided to take Solider 76 and Tracer into the Practice Range and see how the damage effected the bots at different ranges and hit mark locations. Run around shooting the bots, try to kill them all as soon as you see them in different angles and ranges. See if you can kill the bot in only one clip from Tracer - if you can't then you know you have to be closer to your enemy. This training can be used for anyone that you need work on aiming. My regiment is to train in the Practice Range for at least 20 mins a day. You will be amazed when you go vs players how much more damage you start racking up and how many more direct hits of say Helix Rockets you land. I thought about this because think of pro players of other games such as Faker from League of Legends - They are the BEST players in the world but they still practice csing minions for hours per week alone - just them vs the ai. Practice your aim, increase your timing, positioning, and accuracy and you will have an advantage already over most players you will run into. Even if you make it to the top .05% of Overwatch players - do not stop practicing in the practice range!

My regiment is to train in the Practice Range for at least 20 mins a day.

— Thranax

Problem Two - No, We Don't Need a McCree

Some Current Meta Team Comps

"Meta Comps" are compositions that consist of a strategy people use in Overwatch to win the game. They consist of the same heros trying to fill their roles and withstand the opposing enemy's strat for winning.

Comp One:

Two Healers - Two Tanks - 1 Offensive -1 Defensive
Offensive -Reinhardt, Zarya, Lucio, Zenyatta, Solider 76, Junkrat
Defensive -Reinhardt, Zarya, Mercy, Ana, Solider 76, Bastion

Comp Two:

One Healer - Two Tanks - 3 Offensive
Offensive ONLY - Lucio, Reinhardt, Dva, Solider 76, Reaper, Tracer

Comp Three:

One Healer, One Tank, 3 Defensive, 1 Support

Defense ONLY - Mercy, Reinhardt, Bastion, Torbjorn, Junkrat, Symetra

The second problem is not knowing who you need to play when in order to win. Most people will select a main champion or main role such as "Sniper". Other players just spam the same character over and over again then blame the random teammates on not doing enough. This thinking might make you look like an awesome all gold metals player but will result in a loss. Learning to analyze your team and pick accordingly will benefit you greatly because remember - your teammates aren't there to make you lose, they aren't trolling, and yes they are trying but compared to yourself it might not appear so. If you load in and see your whole team selected a Symetra, McCree, Reinhardt, Junkrat, and Gengi on defense who should you pick? Thats right! Lucio! Why Lucio? Reason is Lucio can heal jumping units like Gengi, keep Reinhardt topped off so he can recharge his shield, heal the over extending McCree, and stay moving and help move units into Symetra's turrets and Junkrat's traps. If you thought that "Hanzo would be perfect here" you have a lot to learn about Overwatch.The main take-away of problem two is to learn how champions interact with each other and what roles need to be filled. You can nicely ask others to switch but if they won't don't fight over it - just play your best, more then not your teammates will surprise you!


Problem Three - Feng Shui Zenyatta Style

Feng Shui is the act of harmonizing with your surroundings and if you want to be good at Overwatch your gonna have to learn to do the same. Overwatch has lots of nooks and crannies to learn and there are a lot of environmental angles and objects to use map by map. Here's the top Three things to start using:

1. Stand Behind the Payload! The payload heals the pushing team and is INDESTRUCTIBLE. That means when the enemy derp aims at you and hits the payload it saves your hp, your Reinhardt shield etc. Using the payload goes for both teams.

2. Shoot under Cars. Overwatch is a very visual hitbox game. If you see Mei's little toes running behind a car - shoot them! She will take damage or even die. If you don't think this is possible the next time your on Hollywood take Pharah and aim under the floating cars - your rockets will pass right under them.

3. Use the Alternative Route! Time and time again on Volskaya Industries I cry as my team runs to the choke point to attack A and get mowed down by a Torbjorn and Bastion. There is a pathway that if you can fly you can get to Point A and ignore the choke! Champions like Pharah, Reaper, Gengi, D.Va etc can take this route and take out Bastion or Torb easy and cause panic for the enemy as now they must defend 2 zones and not 1.

These are just some examples. Game after game I learn more and more spots and tricks to flanking the enemy or defending the point. Players who like playing builder heros should know the map even better. Lots of times you can use cars, plants, pots etc to defend your turrets and still be able to attack. Also lots of times people don't use pillars, walls, and cars to their advantage. If you can shot an enemy in the open while being partly covered by terrain then you stand a MUCH better chance of beating the enemy while there attacks hit objects other then you.

Volskaya Industries Back Door


Problem Four - Reinhardt Can't 1 v 6

If you analyze games of Overwatch you will learn that it only takes your team dying once to lose a point. A game can come to an end in just seconds even though you defended for three minutes strait. The key concept here is decision making. If there is 30 seconds left and your defending Temple of Anubis point B don't run up alone past the doors! Get on the point and be ready to defend. Your enemy might have saved up 4 ultimate to siege the point at the last second. If you die alone and let your team 5v6 and you lose - its your fault. A good concept of thinking is every loss or misplay blame yourself for it. Even if you got all gold metals, had a dcing D.Va, and got a Team Kill single handily - its your fault. You can always play better and always strive to do so. If you fell like your getting tilted take a break or better yet use the energy in the Practice Range to increase your accuracy and then go back to playing Ranked. Don't beat yourself up too bad, remember you have to blame yourself for everything you did well also!

5 Things You Do Wrong (First One is Over Extending)

Blizzard's Overwatch

5 stars for Overwatch

Problem Five - Its a Game, Have FUN!

Most people forget that Overwatch is a game. If you have fun while playing you will subconsciously get better and strive for better results. If you look at it as work you will get tired, tilted, and upset and not wish to play anymore. If you find yourself saying "I Hate This Game" every time you re-queue for Ranked, then you will never do well. When you get upset and wish to still get better at Overwatch then go learn about maps, watch streamers, or watch some youtube videos of tips and tricks.

Funny Overwatch - Laugh it Helps!

Click thumbnail to view full-size

We're All Soldiers Now!

Thanks for reading and I hope this guide helps you out. It wasn't made to teach you how to 1v6 as Gengi, but rather to make you a better player overall. Hope you you can improve your rank and reach the goals you set for yourself!



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