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Updated on June 13, 2016


If you are fan of far cry series than don't miss this game it contain vast type of weapon of ancient times if i want to describe in it just some simple word than i would say that it games in which you are playing without any guns or greaned instead you are playing with bow and arrow and many other type of weapon that hunter has used in ancient time which is very good exp for player who love to play something very thrilly

2.DOOM 4

if you liked horror staff than this shooting games is exactly made for you doom 4 is horror first person shooting games it has very good graphic quality and controls of the games are very good it this games is the pack of action and thrill if have have the guts than this is the game for you

3. Dying light

ever thought of the world filled with zombies than why not things about it in dying light a world filled dead zombies who are ready to get your light to Dying light is running zombie hunting games filled great action and thrilling adventure you have killed zombie while saving your own life i hope you are ready for challenge


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