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PC game Minecraft

Updated on September 8, 2013

At first

Minecraft is basically a world that consists of sceneries and objects in the shape of "blocks". This makes the games' graphics seem old fashioned but this is not true. You will find that Minecraft is more complicated than it looks. To get an idea you could check out some Youtube contents of Minecraft. The game consists of different "biomes", areas of nature, habited by animals, monsters and all kinds of resources that you need to collect to build to your hearts' content. The possibilities are endless.

There is a built-in "end" to Minecraft in which you defeat a dragon, but most only use it as an extra fun activity within the game itself.

Playing options and difficulties

Minecraft has in total 3 different playing options and 5 difficulties within the game. Whenever you start a new world you can choose each one of the options and difficulties as you desire. The difficulty level can always be changed during the game, but this is not the case for the options.


The 5 levels of difficulty can be changed by pressing "Esc" and choosing "difficulty". The 5 levels are:

  • Peaceful: Very few monsters (called Mobs) will appear (handy option when you play Minecraft for the first time) and you will not be hungry soon.
  • Easy: Few to some monsters appear, especially during the night, and the hunger bar will decrease slowly.
  • Normal: monsters/mobs will appear but not in great numbers, your hunger level will decrease at a normal rate
  • Hard: The amount of mobs spawning is high and your hunger bar will decrease quite rapidly.
  • Hardcore: The most difficult is that when you die, you will be forced to delete the world that you started and you have to start all over again in a new world.

Game options

There are 3 different game options to choose from everytime you start a new world.

In this game option you can use all materials that are available within Minecraft, simply by selecting it from your inventory. You can use each of the items unlimitedly. You will also not be attacked by monsters (they do spawn, however). There will be no damage bar and no hunger bar, so no need to be looking for food or weapons. Objects will be breakable in 1 click and without the need for tools. The best thing is that you can fly by double-clicking the spacebar. Creative mode is as it says the way to creatively design structures or try out certain combinations of resources.

This game option is the most difficult of the 3 options. All the materials and tools that you will need to survive have to be found, mined or created. Monsters will attack you (especially at night) which means that you will have to defend yourself from them. Except having to watch your health bar (the hearts on the left), you will also gain hunger (the “chicken legs” on the right) and you will have to get food. Having a full hunger bar means that you will replenish health. Food and shelter will be most important in the first day (s).

The adventure made is a bit easier than survival mode and the better mode should you be playing for the first time. You will still have to survive, but there will be no hunger bar. You replenish your hearts by eating food though, so you will have to find food at some point.

Different biomes (areas)

When you create a new world in Minecraft, it will be randomly generated and every world is different. Each specific world has a number which is called a “seed”. Seeds can have between 4 and 9 numbers.

None of the worlds are the same. When a new world is created it will exist of a variation of different nature areas (biomes). These areas are spread over the world and it is possible to have more of the same biomes in the same world but not next to eachother. The following biomes can be found in a world:

The desert consist mainly of plain and hilly landscapes with sand and cactei. Sometimes you can find a temple in the middle of the desert with treasure or even a small village with some villagers. Between and under the layers of sand you can also find sandstone. The sand can be turned into glass after it is put in an oven.

Grassland Valley
The grassland valley consists of grass and trees (mostly birch and oak) and are mostly plain with few hills. You can find most of the animals here aswell as wolves that you can tame into a pet dog. You can also find a village within the grass lands.

Snow valley
The snow valley is mostly plain with few hills but instead of grass, it is covered with snow. The nearby water is mostly ice. The spruce trees grow abundantly here and you can find wolves. Dig the snow with a shovel to get snowballs that you can throw.

The jungle consists of many trees both high trees and low trees, the trees that grow here are jungle trees that can have cocoa beans on them and they have vines growing on them as well. In the jungle you might find a jungle ruin that contains treasure chests. Also you find ocelots walking around here, that you can tame into your own pet cat if you feed them cooked fish. Chickens and pigs can also be found here.

Extreme hills
Extreme hills biomes have massive mountain structures consisting of stone mostly. If you are lucky you can see some coal or even iron on the mountain itself without having to dig for them.

The swamp consists of small patches of grassland surrounded by water and low hanging trees with vines. All farm animals can be found here and even some slimes. When slimes are big they will attack you but if you hit them they

Buildings and Structures

You can only find a temple in a (bigger size) desert biome. They will not appear in every desert biome, so you need to have a bit of luck. It can happen that a temple will be partly covered in sand which makes it a bit harder to find or recognize. A temple is mostly recognizable for its sandstone and orange wool combination walls. The temple is empty from the inside, but in the middle below ground you will find treasure chests. Be careful because there is a trap in the middle of the treasure chests, do not step on it!

Just like the temple can only be found in the desert, a ruin can only be found in a jungle biome. A ruine is also equally rare to find as the temple. The entrance of the ruin can be found if you dig into the dirt around the sides of the ruin. The ground floor contains two treasure chests, but be careful of the trip wires.

Below ground you will encounter a lot of caves. Caves consist of hallways and holes in all directions. Bring torches with you to light up your environment as monsters will spawn in the dark. Within the caves is where you find all the resources that you need. The lower you dig the more valuable the resources. You will also find some water and lava streams, so bring a water bucket to protect yourself from burning damage.

Mineshafts are often adjacent or below caves. Mineshafts are only a bit rarer than caves. You will recognize a mineshaft by the wooden beams throughout the halls and the occasional rail that you find on the ground. With a bit of luck you will find some treasure chests too, but with a bit of bad luck you will encounter some toxic spiders instead.

Underground Fortress
An underground fortress is rare to find as there are perhaps two to be found in the entire world. An underground fortress is recognizable by an underground library and many hallways with iron bars and doors. The most important is that this fortress has the portal to another realm called “The End” where you can defeat the Ender Dragon (very difficult).


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