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PC game The Sims 3

Updated on February 6, 2014

The Sims 3

Short Description

The Sims 3 is a simulation game where you get the chance to control the life of 1 or more persons. You can choose to create a person (Sim) from scratch or you can choose one from the Sims and Sim-families that the game has created. You can then move them into one of the existing houses or build one yourself from scratch. In principle you can change every house in the city if you want. You control the life of your Sim by finding them a job to earn their money, develop their skills and progress their life finding friends, a partner or even a pet.

Goals of the game

The game as it is doesn’t have specific goals, but the Sims you control do have their own goals and wishes that you can help them develop and fulfill. The types of goals and wishes depend on what you have them do in their life and it is also up to you whether you decide to fulfill wishes and develop certain goals they might have. You could say that the goal of the game is to have your Sims lead the life that they (or you) want.

Activities in the game

The amount of activities are almost too many to mention all, especially if you include the activities within the different expansion packs as well. The activities mentioned below are the main activities and do not include those of the expansion packs:

You begin as a Sim with 16000 Simoleons (the Sim currency) and within every city of your choice there are some houses available that fall within this budget including furniture. You can buy one of these houses or decide to start your own one. Once your Sim has a place to eat and sleep it is time to find it a money source and develop knowledge skills as it will have to pay the bills (every 3 Sim days). There are many ways to earn some cash:

  • Find a job (and earn promotions by gaining skills)
  • Start writing your own novels (need a computer/laptop and writing practice to earn good money)
  • Paint and sell your paintings (need a painting easel and the painting skill to earn more for your paintings)
  • Play a music instrument (need music instrument such as piano/guitar and build up level in that) in public and earn tips.

Once you earn some money you can start decorating and upgrading your house as you want and start on the next goal in your life: finding a partner and start a family!

Building and Decorating
You can build and decorate houses as well as public areas (parks, ponds, etc.) The building menu is quite simple to use as you can click on the item categories that you want to use and then choose the object of your choice. The only thing that you need to look out for is that when you build a house for your Sim, you make sure that your Sim can afford it. You can of course already start building a house and have your Sim move into it later on when it has earned enough money. The options of building are endless!

You can search the whole city for all sorts of rocks and metals. The rocks and metals can be smelted or cut and sold for a profit.

Wouldn't you like to call this home? In a Sim-life you can!
Wouldn't you like to call this home? In a Sim-life you can!

Expansion Sets

The following expansion packs have meanwhile been brought out for this game:

After midnight
Go to nightclubs and have more public areas to visit during the night. Some of them have exclusive areas and you have to convince (or bribe) the bouncer to let you in there. You also get the chance to meet some celebrities there and become one yourself.

This expansion pack offers some fun and active jobs. No more waiting until your Sim returns from their job, now you can guide them all the way. You can become a ghost hunter, a fire fighter, a private investigator and a an indoor architect.

Ofcourse you were missing a little furry and cuddly animal to have around your house. Now you can have one! And this time they will have more to love and to control. You can also go for a horse and train it for competitions. For those who are allergic to cats and dogs, there are the occasional amfibians and birds you can find around the landscape and keep them as a pet.

University Life
Experience the university life with your Sim. Take the aptitude test to find out how many credits those skills obtained give you and if you receive a scholarship. Learn about living with fellow male/female students that make a mess of everything. With your diploma at hand you will succeed in your career by starting in a higher level at the start of it.

You can now choose to let your Sim be a witch, fairy, vampire or a ghost! Each of the types of Sims have their own characteristics and special opportunities. Fairies will prank other Sims, witches can perform magic on them for good or bad, vampires learn skills easier in the night, and ghosts can hide themselves in furniture to scare other Sims.

Paradise life
Take on the beach life by becoming a life guard, buying a house boat that can float on the water and you can own your own resort! You can also go scuba diving and find several interesting treasures and objects under water, and if you're lucky you might discover a deserted island to call your own.

Into the future
Meet your future descendants and see how your life influences theirs. Meet the robots that live in Oasis Landing and find out how much they are like Sims. Want a robot in your household? No problem! Build one of your own (and turn it into your career) or buy one in the shop. It is your choice to decide how Sim-like your robot will become.

I predict that you will succeed in life!! Just buy all the expansion packs and all life choices are yours!
I predict that you will succeed in life!! Just buy all the expansion packs and all life choices are yours!

Computer requisites

Before buying the game, make sure to check on the backside of the game whether your computer has the correct requisites for playing the game. As the game is quite “heavy” in graphics and memory capacity (which adds with every expansion packs), you need quite a strong computer to play the game with all expansion packs installed.


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