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Updated on February 13, 2013


It hurts me to even mention the thought of opening up my wii and messing with its wires. More honestly is scares me. Over the years I've lost many a console to trying my own diy.
Im not to sure of the prices in the US but in England it could cost you up to 70pounds for a hardmod.


Nevertheless, if you want a professional job done, you have to pay. With further reading I've found that something as simple as an update could make your hardmod completely useless


My next option was softmodding, the cheaper and 10 times more complicated method. Apparently with every update made the method changes. Using an old method could brick your console (making it unusable,needs to be hardmodded to fix).

Once you have found a guide (with fingers crossed that its an honest one), you will start the softmodding process which unfortunately is not fool-proof and can still brick your console for no apparent reason.

Checking, rechecking and trying various methods with each update is tedious and unpractical.

There is however a fool-proof guide below that will guarantee to allow your console to play homebrew, normal dvds and much much more. Have a look!




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