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PS3 Rifle Controller

Updated on October 3, 2015

PS3 was designed for modern first person shooting games like COD, MW2 , Halo , Medal of honor , Battlefield ...etc. Now it gets better with this piece of high tech equipment called PS3 Assault Rifle Controller.

What is Assault Rifle Controller?

If you see the slide show it explains almost every thing what this product is about. PS3 Assault Rifle Controller gives you life like shooting sound experience from its built in speakers. To make it more sleek and smart you can remove its stock and scope.

This Assault Rifle Controller has every button featured on the PlayStation 3 Dual Shock wireless controller, it also includes a clickable sticks for strafing, running, steadying your weapon and looking around within the game environment. Not to forget that this PS3 controller is motion sensitive. So when you raise it to look through scope the scope mode gets activated and when you lower it down you get back to normal mode.

This PS3 Gun Controller runs on two AA batteries so you wont get electrocuted in anyway.

You can reload your weapon by actually reloading the assault rifle just like a real life. Take magazine out and put it back in and you get a reload. All you have to do is plug in the usb dongle and pres the rifle and it gets wirelessly synchronized .

I have added a youtube video of this Assault Rifle Controller and i think the guy it not doing it right but just to give a rough idea what its going to be like. In video you can see the zoom in and zoom out feature which goes with rifle movement.

Overall i think its this PS3 accessory is worth its price. The controller will be out on 2 August 2010 you can preorder it through Amazon link below.

Why to order it on Amazon:

Amazon gives you a Pre-order Price Guarantee. In case there is a decrease in actual product price you still will be able to get lowest possible price. So don't miss out all the fun and order this product now.

Wii SureShot Rifle

If your are wii enthusiast then you should try Wii SureShot Rifle controller. It has removable stock and barrel so you can get three different modes. Works with all wii shooting games. High quality construction and lighter in weight.

wii sniper riffle controller

Another great wii add-on if you're into wii shooting game then you should try this one too. This wii controller fits your hands very well and gives you a more realistic fill for your war and hunting wii games.

PlayStation Move riffle controller

As you all know that PlayStation move is here and to be really honest its way better than what i expected. So its about time to add a PlayStation Move Sharpshooter into my riffle controller list. I bought is last week and found it very playable, interesting and comfortable to use. Specially with adjustable butt. I have used this riffle controller with many games but here ill just mention Killzone 3 and its just awesome when combined with awesomeness of killzone.

Its come with three different stickers to make it look cooler.

  • Killzone 3 Helgast
  • SOCOM 4
  • Killzone 3 ISA

However i do admit that getting used to of this controllers requires few hours of annoying game play but once you get it right there's no stopping. So over all it's a great playstation move controller that its going to stay around for while. One last thing, do not forget to recalibrate you playstation move to this riffle controller from your move controller.

PlayStation 3 Racing Controller

PlayStation 3 Driving Force GT Racing Wheel is probably the best available racing controller for PS3. Its another great product by Logitech, i am not a big fan of logitech but they do make affordable and reliable products. However this particular racing wheel controller is a bit expensive but its worth its price.

Best thing about this racing wheel controller is its magnificently designed wheel. It has leather touch and thick grip, also you can adjust the responsiveness by using adjustment knobs.

Other features include force feed back that gives you a vibration feel at every bump or jump, throttle and brake paddles and much much more. If you want a true racing experience on your ps3 then this product is made for you. The price tag it less than other racing controllers currently in market.

Its perfect for the following racing games:

  • Burnout Paradise
  • Grid
  • Nascar '09
  • Dirt
  • Gran Turismo 5: Prologue


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