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PS4 Launch Issues: Faulty HDMI, PS4 Freezes, Console Won't Turn On

Updated on November 16, 2013

It has been 6 years since the PS3 was released in 2006. We are now in the next generation of gaming once again, but all has not gone so smoothly with the release of the new Playstation 4 gaming console. Last generation consoles, in particular, the Xbox 360, had many issues. Many consumers were experiencing the dreaded "red ring of dead" which was an overheating issue. This made it impossible for gamers to use their console unless it was fixed. Well, some Playstation 4 users are experiencing similar issues related to console not turning on or freezing when updating.

Playstation 4 Faulty HDMI

Some Playstation 4 users have experienced problems with a faulty HDMI. The problem was that there was an obstruction blocking some of the pins in the HDMI port. This is a manufacturing issue. The obstruction was some sort of metal piece. If you experience this issue, do not attempt to fix as you may void the warranty. Have a Sony repair shop do it.

Have you experienced this problem or some type of other issue with Playstation 4 issue?

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PlayStation 4 won't turn on

One of the worst problems that some PS4 users are experiencing is that the console will not turn on at all! When some consumers turned on the PS4, all they would get was a blank screen and a blue flashing light. Oh no, could this be something similar to what Xbox 360 gamers experienced with the dreadful red ring of death!?

Playstation 4 won't turn on POSSIBLE FIX (PROCEED AT OWN RISK)

1. Remove the HDD

2. Turn on the PS4 (without the HDD)

3. Turn the PS4 off and Put the HDD back in

4. Turn the PS4 back on again.

5. The system should now boot to the OS.

This will re-format the HDD, so its best if we backup our saves to USB while we wait for Sony to give us a permanent fix.

Some people are reporting that this fixes the problem while others say it did not help. Also, others said it worked, but was only temporary and not a permanent solution to the problem.

Do You Think It's Unacceptable that PLAYSTATION 4 has problems already?

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Sony Has Stated That PS4 Issues Should Be Expected

“A handful of people have reported issues with their PlayStation 4 systems. This is within our expectations for a new product introduction, and the vast majority of PS4 feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We are closely monitoring for additional reports, but we think these are isolated incidents and are on track for a great launch.”

Sony says that many of the Playstation 4 issues are not affecting the majority of consumers. They have claimed that it is only affecting less than 1%. Where this number comes from or how true this is is hard to say at this time. What if some consumers are experiencing problems, but have not yet contacted Sony? Maybe some consumers are simply not experiencing glitches or other issues yet, but will in the near future. Remember some people who had the Xbox 360 console did not experience the red ring of death until weeks later.

This gamer had a problem running the standard PS4 update:

“After playing a brief game of NBA 2k14 I quit and inserted my Battlefield 4 disk. The system prompted for an update, so while watching the progress bar (around 20 percent) my controller light turned from blue to white. Hasn’t worked since…”

Hopefully, there is not any continuing major issues with the Playstation 4. Nobody wants any major problem that makes it impossible use their new $400 next generation console. The Xbox 360 was plagued with issues in the past. Will the Xbox One have problems as bad as the Xbox 360 or issues similar to what the Playstation 4 is currently having? Only time will tell. Of course will all new new ambitious technology there will always be the potential for glitches and other issues.


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    • Irie and Bella profile image

      Adam Robertson 

      4 years ago from Florida

      I just bought a used PS4 and I have to send it to Sony to get repaired... It's less than a year old and suffering crippling hardware failure. That's weak sauce.

    • DATALOAD profile image


      4 years ago from Michigan

      With almost any new device there are usually a still a few bugs to be worked out. It's generally a good idea to wait at least for the second revision depending on the product. Even then there is no guarantee. (Cough) Xbox 360.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      my ps4 is having difficulty signing onto the psn and when I download one of the games from ps+ it will freeze probably because of the connection issue, but they should of known that a high volume of customers would be using psn and should have planed accordingly


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