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PS4, Wii U and Xbox One: Who Wins?

Updated on February 26, 2018
Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at
Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at | Source

PS4, Wii U and Xbox One: Who Wins?

We have diligently followed our gaming consoles throughout the past 7 generations, especially enjoying the last one with the Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360, still using most of them today to great extent. Yet, with this new 8th generation, the legendary question is asked again. Which one is better? Which one has the best performance? Which one do I buy? Well, we're going to compare and contrast these consoles and see if we can get to a solid conclusion. Let's see the contenders then.

Image courtesy of
Image courtesy of | Source

PS4: The Sony Beauty, an Unreal Successor

Sony always hits hard with sales, breaking records, bring success after success to the people. The PS4 was no exception, passing the 22.3 million mark for sales; it has kept Sony's position in the top of sales one more time. The PS4, now a more sleek and beautiful platform, it has evolved into the gaming system Sony has wanted to create all along. Built with an AMD z86-64 processor, running at a base clock speed of 16 GHz with a custom CPU for background processing for downloading and recording gameplay, the PS4 is meant to expand and evolve with the illustrious designs game developers will think up next.

This console has one of the quickest interface menus, filled with smooth performances and a simple layout. The PS4 is smaller than the Xbox One and bigger than the Wii U. It still has two USB ports in the front for charging controllers and connecting external devices. The PS4 is known for making little noise, fitting anywhere and excelling in graphics and sharing gameplay. Now you can even upload or stream any gaming sessions instantly, available to share with friends or places like twitch.

One of most accepted changes has been the Dualshock 4 controller. A glossy and improved version of the Dualshock 3, this controller got better at every single area. The analog sticks, the triggers and the buttons feel better and with more control than ever, providing a comfortable grip for players and has earned great fame instantly. This controller has a different feature as well, the track pad. This track pad allows for a singular approach for games where touch and slight movements with your fingers could come in handy. There is also a headphone jack so you can plug in any earphones or headphones to start listening to the online chatter and a speaker can also be found right on the controller emitting in-game audio. There is also a new light strip on the controller, just as there is one on the platform, changing color depending on the operation or game.

The PS4 brings with it many projects and ideas that are yet to be fully developed though, like the camera and streaming, but it will undoubtedly become a gaming console that all gamers will need and want, especially with all these exclusives coming out for it.

PlayStation 4 White Console Destiny Bundle

PlayStation 4 Console - Destiny Bundle [Discontinued]
PlayStation 4 Console - Destiny Bundle [Discontinued]

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Interface changes constantly with what's new and happening at the moment but is fairly easy to navigate at all times with pins to classify your things. The controller is something that has left players in ecstasy as well, knowing when you are not holding it and turning off to save battery. The grip is better, the triggers are better, the general format of it is similar to the last controller but it's filled with improvements.

Like the PS4, the Xbox One allows for uploads and sharing of your video game clips. The audio chat is exceptionally better as well. One drawback on the system though is that because it tries to do so many things so fast, it does get slow and sometimes even freezes in-game. This has not become an issue though and will be fixed in the near future.

The kinnect is also included into the Xbox One package and even though there are certain commands to follow, it works better than ever before and has vast control in all apps and multitasks that you want to carry out. This though, raises its price highly since there are so many things included when buying an Xbox One.

Image courtesy of
Image courtesy of | Source

Xbox One: Entertainment in One

Alongside the PS4 and Wii U in this gaming generation is the Xbox One, Microsoft's successor to the Xbox 360. Developing further in already familiar characteristics to the Xbox menu and gameplay, Xbox One is a fresh and enticing system that wants to do much more than the simple platform. One of its core features that audiences love is the voice command included in it, letting you turn the system on or off, start a game or a TV application.

Instant switching, applications, games and general control of everything and anything going on in the console, Xbox One is still working out some kinks for its high greatness and accessibility to be achieved but it is still an awe inspiring platform that has broken quite a few boundaries.

Xbox One with Kinect

Xbox One with Kinect: Assassin's Creed Unity Bundle, 500GB Hard Drive
Xbox One with Kinect: Assassin's Creed Unity Bundle, 500GB Hard Drive

Xbox One brings together games, live TV and your favorite entertainment apps, including Amazon Instant Video, ESPN, Netflix, and Xbox Music

Join forces with up to three friends on the most advanced multiplayer network

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Wii U: A New World to Explore

Released prior to its competitors, the Wii U has had more time on the market, working out its flaws and growing in its gaming library. Yet, many players haven't found the Wii U's development exciting or worthy of their time. Despite its low sales number, the Wii U has a lot of power, amazing games to play and is as good as the PS4 or Xbox One in its features and categories.

Image courtesy of
Image courtesy of | Source

The Wii U's biggest improvement has to be its controller. With the ability to play most of your games right on the controller screen, or an interaction of the game and the screen to get the most out of the gaming sessions. It has not been used as much as game developers had expected at launch, with many games deciding to stick to old mechanics instead of improving and learning with the new game pad. It is still amazing to use though. It's only real flaw is not being able to be far from the TV while using it since it will disconnect from the Wii U.

Game support has been a big struggle for Nintendo though since there are not a lot of companies that want to stick with it and would rather release their games quickly in PS4 or Xbox One, like Watch Dogs or Call of Duty. Still, the first party games and the indie selection to choose from is wide, filled with fun, entertaining journeys that will keep any gamer busy for a long time! The Wii games can still be played in the Wii U as well so you lose nothing from the first generation.

Nintendo Wii U Deluxe Set

Nintendo Wii U Deluxe Set: Super Mario Bros U & Luigi U (32 GB)
Nintendo Wii U Deluxe Set: Super Mario Bros U & Luigi U (32 GB)

The Wii U GamePad breaks down barriers between you and your entertainment with a 6.2" 16:9 LCD touch screen, motion control system, front-facing camera, microphone, stereo speakers, rumble feature

Console works with most games from the original Wii console, as well as the Wii Remote, Wii Remote Plus, Nunchuk controllers, Balance Board and many other Wii accessories, so you can continue to enjoy your favorite Wii features

In New Super Mario Bros. U, swoop through levels and cling to walls when Mario transforms into Flying Squirrel Mario, or gently float through the air while hanging onto Tiny Balloon Yoshi.

New Super Luigi U lets you experience high replayability and satisfaction from mastering more than 80 intense new courses. Each course contains a reduced time limit and a higher concentration of enemi

Play using a Wii Remote controller, the Wii U GamePad controller or a Wii U Pro Controller.


PS4 - Review

Xbox One Review

Wii U Review

What's the Verdict?

The PS4 is filled with high quality graphics, excellent gaming capabilities and a comfortable set of features that we can get used to right away. This console is perfect for hardcore gamers that are willing to spend some cash in a new gaming library and can't wait for the exclusives to come out. The Xbox One is a console that prides itself in entertainment, new voice and body inclusion and versatility but comes with a high price and has not had enough time to work everything out. It is perfect for gamers who want something different and able to carry out all the tasks they could ever dream of in due time.

The Wii U has a lot of hidden potential, games filled with addicting and fun adventures and a simple interface menu that everyone can understand and love. It doesn't get the new Assassins Creed right away but the gamepad and the backwards compatibility for games and controllers make it an amazing console.

This console is perfect for gamers who want a different gaming experience with a lower price and a more comfortable procedure. I could not reach a verdict for myself. All I know is they are all amazing gaming systems and I will have all three of them in due time!

Article by: Steven Gutiérrez

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    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Each of the console need to drop the prices by at least another $50...

    • Gibape profile imageAUTHOR

      Milady González 

      3 years ago

      I haven't tried the Vita yet but you're right, it is one of the best gaming consoles right now, which is very useful when moving about a lot.

    • ainezk profile image


      3 years ago

      And in the end, I'm not sure if I didn't end up using PS Vita the most because of my travels.

    • Gibape profile imageAUTHOR

      Milady González 

      3 years ago

      I definitely agree ainezk! I have had a lot of trouble trying to decide myself but I just had to try the new gamepad as well as the new Super Smash Bros. Plus, I had some Wii controllers too, so I didn't have to buy more of those.

    • ainezk profile image


      3 years ago

      Thanks. Even though PS4 is the most popular console, still Wii U has the bestselling games (such as Mario), so the choice can be really difficult.


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