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Replacement Part and Repair Guides For the Sony PSP

Updated on July 29, 2010

Nothing is worth than getting a huge crack right through the screen of one of your favorite portable devices. Once reality sets in you may find yourself trying to place when and how this happened, and what you could have done to cause it. Even more important is to consider how you can prevent further accidents with your device in the future. If the repairs will cost more than $125 US it isn't covered by Sony's warranty for the Playstation Portable system.

Although the frame and casing of the PSP itself is strong the LCD screens are still fragile, as they are on any device that uses them. When you see a cracked screen your immediate reaction is to try and figure out how it happened. But there are things you can do to repair your PSP and prevent further damage in the future extending the life of your system and ensuring PSP gameplay for years to come.

First things first, you may want to consider a protective case for your PSP.

These cases are inexpensive and they'll protect your screen from pressure that could otherwise crack it. You want something that will protect the device well, something that holds games and other extras is nice but without protection it won't do you much good.

And be careful with your PSP.

A screen protector is another great addition to protect your gaming investment. These cheap, transparent films keep the screen from becoming scratched. Of course a crack in the screen is much worse than scratches, and there isn't much you can do about it now. At that time you'll want to be thinking about a replacement screen.

But there are things beside pressure that can damage your PSP.

Make sure that the system is stored at a comfortable temperature. Leaving it in a hot car trunk or the dashboard in the sun all day is really going to cut its lifespan in half. Even extreme temperature can put a crack in the LCD screen, they're that sensitive.

Even with a crack you have some options.

You can fix a cracked LCD screen for very little cost!

All you need to do is pick up a PSP replacement kit. The kit includes a brand new LCD screen for the PSP as well as instructions and all the tools you'll need. For very little cost you can restore your system and keep on gaming.

This Hub is courtesy of PSP Games And Media


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