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The Best And Worst About Sony PSP

Updated on October 19, 2009

Games And PSP Go

The Best And Worst About Sony PSP

The Sony Playstation portable (PSP) was launched in the North America in 2005. Since then, it has evolved in very short period of time.

First was the 1000 series, then 2000, and now there are two hardware (similar but not alike): the 3000 and the recently launched PSP Go. Every new generation of the hand-held brings much better features including: camera adapter, built-in microphone, better screen quality resolution and more.

The Best Of the PSP
What can you do with a PSP? Everything media wise; play games(primary),view pictures, watch videos, listen to music, connect to internet, and much more functions with the use of accessories.

About the PSP Go
While it is much smaller than a regular PSP, it really packs tremendous amount of memory space (better to store games much more games). 16 gigabytes to be exact, plus in addition you can always adapt a memory card for extra space.

The Worst Of The PSP
While the PSP Go is much more portable than the regular PSP. The PSP Go does not have a UMD drive; This means you can't go to your local game store and purchase a game for it (disc format). All PSP Go games are only purchased from the PlayStation Network store. It was designed to have games downloaded into it from the PlayStation Network Store only. This fact makes so many gamers disappointed, since upgrading would mean no carry over from UMD (Universal Media Disc) to playable data on new PSP Go.

Pricing for the PSP Go seems a bit high. That is one reason I do not have one of my own as of yet. It is at $249 and even though I consider myself a hardcore gamer, I do have my limits on what I can afford to buy.

PSP Games And Media
About 2 years ago I created a blog since playing this hand-held brought much joy to me. So I made a blog; A place where I could share my passion of playing PSP games with other gamers. The site will have over 100 PSP games reviews, previews, trailers, news, PSP games 09 (soon), war PSP games, and all other kinds including those from the homebrew community.

Overall with pros and cons, I personally think that the PSP is the best hand-held gaming platform there is to this day.

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