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PUBG - Hints & Tips

Updated on March 11, 2018

PUBG, the longest time that I've played a game that has been in early access. Who would have thought the Battle Royale style game type could have been so popular. Getting thrown off of a plane with 99 other sweaty individuals only to find that you have to scour the land to find weapons, first aids & ammunition all for that sweet sweet endgame of the chicken dinner.

From Pochinki to Chicken Dinner


What is PUBG?

I'm going to give you a brief history of PUBG and how it has become what it has today. To begin with, the game actually hasn't been released yet. The game is still in preview on PC and Xbox. PS do not allow games that have not been completed as it ruins the users experience. This means that the game is still being developed and is still very buggy at some points. We are aware that we are playing a game preview, we are playing to help the developers to find bugs and issues in the game so having the occasional glitch is expected but these things slowly get ironed out.

So PUBG, it's a Battle Royale style game. What does this mean you say? Well if you have seen The Hunger Games films then it will be easier to understand. Imagine being one of 100 people that get dropped off of a plane onto an island being left with nothing. You only have the items which you can find around on the island, so be quick and be the last one alive to win. When you win, you receive a message that says 'Winner Winner Chicken Dinner' which has driven millions of players to see.

Items can be found in most places, houses, garages, outhouses, benches, tables, floors of rooms, roofs etc. Items range from pistols, assault rifles, SMGs, snipers or shotguns. You also have a plethora of melee weapons to choose from too but we will touch on them later. You also can find lots of items to help you heal such as bandages, first-aids and med-packs. You can get items that give you buffs, for example medicine help you recover your maximum health. Next let's look at the different ways we can play PUBG and who with.

You can play this game in a variety of modes from playing solo, with a friend in duo, in a three man squad or a four man squad. You can mix it up even more and choose to play in only first person mode (FPP) or third person mode and first person mode (TPP)

So choosing to play the game in solo will put you up against 99 individuals. Duos works similar, everyone you play with will be in pairs. For three & four man squads it works a bit differently. If you join as a three you will be put into a game which also has squads of 4, perhaps 3, 2 and maybe even squads of 1 but it will not mix you with solo's or duo's. So you run the risk of being outnumbered by other teams, but on the other hand there is more loot between less people so more chance to get that sniper and 8x.

Jumping into the belly of the beast.

You've got into a game, now you'll have to wait between 1-60 seconds whilst all the 100 people connect to each other and the map has been loaded. Take this time to make your way over to the benches, here you can find many weapons with which you can practise with. Don't worry you can't die so shoot to your hearts content. After the time has depleted you'll be transported to a plane with 99 other competing individuals for the prize of the chicken dinner. So you're in the plane now you're thinking well where shall I jump? Well the plane flies in a straight line so you know that much, which way it comes in is total random...

We have a few things to look at to help to us choose where to jump. We have to consider in my opinion three factors. The density of items that will spawn where I land, the density of players where I will land and the last, the location on the map. The makers of PUBG have debunked myths that certain places have better loot on twitter to many upset fans.

The density of items is really important in PUBG, certain areas have a lot more loot spawns than other areas. This means in theory that you have 'more chance' to find rarer loot. If you are unfamiliar with how the system works, imagine each item that the developers created they gave it a percentage of drop. In each drop all the items are accounted for and one is chosen, or that's how it's believed to be done! They have never released their algorithm so we can't be sure still. So going back to the previous point of more spawns should mean in theory better loot.

The density of players is a good thing and a bad thing in PUBG. I look at the people trying to kill me as little farming machines. They go round all game and pick up lots of items for me, get me a nice gun with lots of attachments and ammo and kindly pass it to me. It's also a bad thing when you are really struggling for loot and another duo comes into your building and it turns into a fist vs SMG fight fun but frustrating. You can jump into a busy location and farm items from the players that way, or go to a enemy free zone but travel a bit further.

The location on the map needs to consider the first two points before the best final destinations can be considered. It's found that dropping in roughly the middle of the map is best. This is for many reasons, if you consider the loot locations of the map the majority of the loot can be found in and around the centre of the map. The map has an algorithm for places the zones so they can be coastal or far, but still in the centre in the first few zones. Travel can be an issue when playing PUBG, trying to avoid the shrinking blue zone is key and getting into a good place in the first few circles is also a good idea. Dropping into the centre gives you more options to find vehicles and also means that when the first circle does come down you are more likely to be in it than if you were coastal. This gives you more time to find people to hunt and time to loot and position yourself.

Where do you prefer to jump?

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Armour & Backpack breakdown


Level 1 – Provides a 30% damage reduction and can take 80 points of damage.

Level 2 – Provides a 40% damage reduction and can take 150 points of damage.

Level 3 – Provides a 55% damage reduction and can 230 points of damage.


Level 1 – Provides +150 capacity.

Level 2 – Provides +200 capacity.

Level 3 – Provides +250 capacity.

Thanks to this video made by akadiablo2213 he did the hard work!


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