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Tailoring Skills of PWI

Updated on April 29, 2010

Armor Manufacturing in PWI

Many online quest games offer the gamer the opportunity to manufacture specific items. These items can be potions, weapons, accessories, or armor depending on the game that is played. Perfect World International (PWI) is no different when it comes to manufacturing items to help you in battle during the game. Blacksmith, Tailoring, Craftsman, and Apothecary are the four areas skill levels can be advanced while playing PWI. Players can increase their manufacturing skill by producing the highest level items possible. Once a skill level has reached 100% the next skill level can be learned. However, certain skill levels can only be achieved once the character has reached a specific level.

Blacksmith (weapons) and Tailoring (armor) are two of the main areas of manufacturing I focus on when I’m playing PWI. However, I do improve Craftsman (accessories) and Apothecary (healing aids) as secondary skills because of the items produced come in handy during battles. With the exception of the Apothecary, manufactured items have a chance of gaining two or three stars next to their name, which is not available when purchasing from the respective dealers. These items increase the offensive or defensive nature of the weapon or armor by increasing attack abilities, or defensive abilities. These items can also improve a character’s ability by adding different status effect to the character. In addition, higher manufacturing skills can produce special items at certain locations throughout the game. However, as I found out, a person can not focus entirely on manufacturing skills alone. These steps are based on notes I have taken during the advancement of my Tailoring skills in PWI.

Level 4 Tailoring Requirements

The first milestone of any manufacturing skill comes when 100% of skill level 3 is reached. At this time a player will attempt to learn the next skill level as they have done in the past. However, that will not be possible until the person’s character obtains level 50 and specific items are manufactured.

When level 50 is reached, speak with the Elder of Archosaur (571, 648), he will inform the player to speak with Tailor Teng (549, 628) in the South District of Archosaur. The Tailor will require 3 items to be manufactured to achieve the fourth level in Tailoring skills. Two star items are required to achieve this rank in manufacturing. The items and the material to manufacture them are as follows:

Hard Rim Muslin (requires 2 of each for each item)

  • 2 Silk Thread
  • 2 Coal
  • 2 Purified Oil

** Stoneblood Bazobands

  • 2 High Carbon Steel
  • 1 Yellow Jade
  • 2 Hard Rim Muslin

** Glowing Cuisses

  • 5 Rough Fur
  • 1 Yellow Jade
  • 2 Hard Rim Muslin

** Wraith Robe

  • 3 Rough Lumber
  • 1 Yellow Jade
  • 2 Hard Rim Muslin

Once these items are manufactured, speak to Tailor Teng in the South District again and obtain the level 4 skill book as a reward. Take the book to the Elder of any city to advance to skill level 4. Once this is completed, the manufacturing of higher grade armor will become possible.

Level 6 Tailoring Requirements

Level 6 manufacturing skills can only be obtained when the character reaches level 80. The requirement to obtaining this level requires more items, and more locations to visit. When a character reaches level 80, the first step to obtaining level 6 is to visit the Elder of Archosaur. The next person to visit will be Tailor Wen (238, 781) in the SirryWineVillage, Southeast of Thousand Streams. Tailor Wen will require the following two-star items to be manufactured before revealing the next location to visit.

Willow Muslin (2 of each are required to make each item.)

  • 2 Azureworm Silk
  • 2 Charcoal
  • 2 Glaze

**Serendipitous Cuisses

  • 5 Reinforced Leather
  • 1 Broken Cyan Jade
  • 2 Willow Muslin

**Mail of Antiquity

  • 3 Steel Alloy
  • 1 Broken Cyan Jade
  • 2 Willow Muslin

**Genesis Boots

  • 2 High Grade Lumber
  • 1 Broken Cyan
  • 2 Willow Muslin

Having these items in inventory will allow moving to the second step faster since manufacturing has been completed. Speak with Tailor Wen a second time to receive instructions for the next step. The player will be informed to take 2 two-star items to the Wife of Mutieh (132, 755) located at the Immolation Camp, West of Sirry Wine Village. The following are the items and materials required for the second step:

Locust Wing Muslin (Required for the Hermit’s Cape)

  • 2 Compound Thread
  • 2 Anthracite
  • 2 Compound Oil

**Cloud Crash

  • 2 Steel Alloy
  • 1 Broken Cyan Jade
  • 2 Willow Muslin

**Hermit’s Cape

  • 4 Leather
  • 1 Broken Verdant Jade
  • 1 Locust Wing Muslin

Manufacturing these items may take some time and money because of the need for two-star status of each item. Because of this required random status, it is best to start on manufacturing these items as soon as possible. Please note, the Hermit’s Cape can be manufactured with skill level 4 at any Tailor in Archosaur. However, the remaining items will need to be manufactured in other places such as DreamweaverPort, or the BarrierVillages surrounding Thousand Streams. Pre-manufacturing of these items will allow the player to be able to advance their skill level quickly, allowing the production of armor that may be needed immediately.

Any questions?

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