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Pac-man World Championship 2:This Update to a Classic is Worth Playing but You Should Get Championship Edition DX First

Updated on September 28, 2016

my YouTube review.

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note: the video and images in this hub were captured by me using a capture device and are that of my own gameplay.

I bought Pac-Man Championship edition 2 about a week ago on steam for about 13 dollars so it times to take a look at in a budget review.

If you’re not familiar with these Pac-Man Championship editions they stick to their 80’s routes of running mazes and eating dots, but they do new upgrades that make the game feel fresh and new. So let’s take a look at this game and see if it’s worth picking up.


Yeah no story to really nitpick here folks will just get into the gameplay. Pac-Man championship edition 2 is split into 2 game types score attack and adventure. In Score attack your given about 5 minutes to get the highest score possible and it’s my favorite mode of the game by far. And adventure mode which has you earning stars to open new courses. The trick here is that each course has several mazes and your only given a very brief time to complete each maze or else you fail. There is also a boss course at the end of each level. I didn’t like this one very much because of the stress of getting everything done in that time limit. If you run out of time you fail the whole thing which can be very frustrating, and it also highlights the one change in the gameplay in this version of Pac-Man that I didn’t like but more on that later.

Anyways weather you’re playing score attack or adventure to complete each maze you must eat a certain amount of dots and fill that meter at the bottom of the screen. When that happens a fruit will appear eat the fruit and you will get whisked to another stage with more pellets to eat and higher ranking fruit at the bottom. It starts off slow and easy but yeah it gets going really fast and tricky after about a minute so you have to hold onto your seat. The game is very fast pace and the changing mazes and the way the courses are laid out make it very fun but that is true of all the championship editions so what’s the one change that I didn’t like.

Well one of the things the championship version especially the DX version do is have you eat a lot of ghosts, really fast. It’s a fun little exercise in netting a lot of points really fast. So somebody went let’s make it cooler, and by doing that made it lame. So here is how it works has you go around the maze you will wake up little ghosts which will grab on to the real ghosts. Now running into ghosts will no longer kill you at first, not until you get them pissed enough and then you have to run. Grabbing a power pill will allow Pac-Man to eat the ghost and all the little ghosts in that train for a super big score bonus. So what’s the problem, power pills are no longer just strewn about in the area? Nope you got to wait for a stage and fill that meter to grab that one. And then you have to eat all of the ghost for it to wear off so the fruit appears to finish the stage. You see a problem here, having to chase down all the ghosts and intercept them now becomes a huge pain in the ass. More so in the adventure mode when the time your given is scant chasing down a wayward ghost to finish an area can be major frustrating, especially when it’s back to the beginning of the stage if you fail. I hated this change a lot, it doesn’t destroy the whole game but yeah it makes it nowhere good has Championship edition DX.

Eating the Ghosts Now Are a Pain in the Butt

eating ghosts should be fun but the way it's put in here makes it a pain.
eating ghosts should be fun but the way it's put in here makes it a pain.

Oh one final thing the steam version does let you use a wireless controller like an Xbox 360 controller that I usually use. That said I believe a computer keyboard is the best way to play pac-man it gives you the most control of the character and you need it considering how fast the character can go in this game.


I love how these championship versions of Pac-Man look and this is no different. Not only is there a lot of bright colors and flash but the fact that the character designs change with the stages means that no two games play exactly alike from a retro look, to HD, to more 3d character designs there is a lot to choose from and I just love it. It’s retro, it’s new, and it just fits the tone of these new Pac-Man games to a tee.

The Graphics Are Bright and Colorful

the graphics in this game are beatiful and colorful
the graphics in this game are beatiful and colorful


Well some decent background music that fits the game while you’re playing it. While I wouldn’t want to buy a sound track or anything it sounds nice.

Final Recommendation.

Pac-Man world Championship 2 is a really good game and worth the 13 dollars pick up price if you like retro throw backs to classic arcade games, or looking for something that can kill 5 minutes or 5 hours. With that being said the whole ghost thing does bring it down a few notches, not to mention my mix feelings with the new adventure mode, close but no cigar. For about a dollar more you can purchase champion version DX with all its DLC on steam and I really like that version just a bit more so pick that one up if you never played any of these championship versions of pac-man.


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