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Pacific Play Tents One Touch Play Tent Review - The Best Play Tent for Kids

Updated on June 29, 2011

The Perfect Play Tent

Today toys are all about electronics, video games and staying indoors. Very few toys require children to be active or use their imaginations. Remember when kids played outside? It seems that very few do these days.

Pacific Play Tents makes toys to combat inactivity and promote imagination in children.

Their play tents and tunnels are built for outdoor use to encourage kids to go outside and experience more in the world than just their TV and cell phone screens.

If you are searching for a fun toy to get your kids out of the house and spur their imaginations, look no further than the Pacific Play Tents One-Touch Tent.

One-Touch Play Tent

Play Tents Encourage Active Play and Imagination
Play Tents Encourage Active Play and Imagination | Source

Encourage Imagination

Designed with multiple colors, the versatile play tent stimulates your child at first sight.

There are two points of entry on the tent: the zippered front entrance and a tunnel port. The tunnel port accommodates Pacific Play Tents full line of play tunnels (not included) and connects easily with attached Velcro straps to create a fun fort for your child.

Imagination is key as the tent can be used as a "Secret Hideout" or clubhouse for all your child's adventures.

Built for Outdoor Play

Perfect for sunny days at the beach or play time in the backyard, the Pacific Play Tents One-Touch Tent features a durable construction ready for rough-and-tumble outdoor play.

Kids can run, jump and crawl into the tent and do their play time worst without any harm to the durable fabric construction. Ensuring the tent will be a play-time favortie for years to come.

And, because of the durable, waterproof construction, the play tent can actually be used as a real tent for your next family camping trip or summer sleepover.

Sun Protection

Constructed of a UV-treated, SPF 30 rated fabric, the play tent provides protection from the sun's harsh rays during warmer months of the year and can provide welcomed shade on hot summer days.

During rainy days, the play tent folds up with ease, allowing you to bring it inside and let the fun continue there.

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Assembly & Cleanup

The play tent requires literally no assembly and only about 30 seconds of effort, so transporting it around should be no problem. To set up the tent, you simply remove it from the carrying case and pull up from the top. The interior tubes "pop" into place and the next thing you know the play tent is ready for your kids.

With so many of today's toys requiring batteries, USB or RCA cords, screwdrivers and hours of assembly time, the Pacific Play Tents One-Touch Tent is a breath of fresh air for busy parents.

Even better, the play tent can be easily cleaned with only a damp cloth and a little bit of soap. What more could a mom ask for?

Play Tent Specs:

  • Dimensions: 48"W x 48"D x 40"H
  • Age: 3 - 12 Years
  • Fabric: Nylon
  • Care: Hand Wash
  • No Assembly

Play Tent Price

Most online retailers sell the Pacific Play Tents One Touch Tent for somewhere between $40 to $50, which is reasonable considering the durable construction, UV protection and patented "One Touch" technology. The price is comparable to many other play tents, while the quality and craftmanship is in a league of its own.

Features of the One Touch Play Tent:

- Bright colors and multipe entryways
- Waterproof construction for indoor or outdoor play
- UV-protected, SPF 30 rated design
- Hassle-free, 30-second assembly
- Quick cleanup
- Affordable price for comparable play tents

Get your kids playing outdoors today with the Pacific Play Tents One Touch Tent. To buy online, click one of the Amazon links provided above.


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