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Paintball Pistols

Updated on October 25, 2010

Paintball is a sport that anyone willing to take a few brusies can quickly find entertaining. My first time out in a paintball field was during the cold winter season. A friend of mine worked at a paintball range and we were allowed to use the grounds and all equipment only having to pay for the paintballs used.

In winter, paintballs don't break well against clothing. They bounce off, leaving quite a bruise, and I don't reccommend it. During the warmer seasons though, paintball is a blast especially when played in groups with friends and family. Paintball parties are a must for teen birthdays.

Paintball Pistol

The paintball pistol only holds only a few rounds, and it should not be used in combat play as the main weapon. As a back-up, a paintball pistol can prove indispensable. There are many instances when a pistol will prove more useful then your regular paintball gun such as when you are running either to another bunker or to the opponents home base or when you need to be able to quickly reload.

The cons however are that the paintball pistol holds very few ammunition. Only 8 to 12 paintballs and the air capacity is quite little in comparision to traditional paintball guns meaning that the paintball pistol gun could only be used during considered moments in combat play many times no more then 30.

Popular Paintball Pistol Models

Tippmann TPX

RAP4 T68

Tiberius 8 Semi-Auto

Walther P99 RAM

Warsensor Zeus G2

Black Bird

Ariakon Overlord

Kingman Training Chaser

Kingman Training Eraser


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