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Panasonic Jungle Portable Gaming Console

Updated on July 12, 2011

A portable gaming console designed exclusively for online gaming is being introduced by none other than Japanese electronics mogul, Panasonic. This new portable gaming console is cleverly dubbed, "Panasonic Jungle".

As most of you in the gaming world already know, Nintendo DS and PSP both are multi-player capable but its really not their specialty. So that brings up some of the features promised to be the bomb of the Panasonic Jungle portable gaming console. The Panasonic Jungle not only promises to be for online gaming but also for Massively multiplayer online role-playing games or better known as, MMORPGs.

With the full QWERTY keyboard, a touch pad as well as the d-pad and shoulder button features, you can enjoy taking your online games with you. It makes the Panasonic Jungle portable gaming console more like having a small gaming PC. It has also been rumored to feature a high-resolution display for a stunning display of gaming graphics.

Is this going to be a winner for Panasonic?, After all they are the company that gave us the 3DO for almost 20 years. Some think it looks a little bulky for a hand-held, others have given it rave reviews calling it more rugged and a thumbs up for its up to date features. The Panasonic Jungle console is of course WI-FI but not clear if it offers some type of 3G capabilities or not.

Panasonic Jungle Portable Gaming System
Panasonic Jungle Portable Gaming System
Panasonic Jungle Online
Panasonic Jungle Online

If you know anyone who is a MMORPG addict, then you probably understand what the potential of this portable gaming console the "Panasonic Jungle," could be.

There will be gamers who have not been out of their houses or basements for years. So be prepared, there may be an overload of gamers on the streets!

If anyone remembers the original Game Boy, then you can get a pretty good picture of the Panasonic Jungle.

It appears to be a little larger and more rugged, ready to withstand the most intense of gamers.

There are conflicting reports about the what the system is built on some say it is Linux but with one of the most popular MMO's being World of Warcraft, it does not seem likely without a Windows emulator. I guess we will have to keep searching and patiently wait for the official launch.

Panasonic Jungle Handheld
Panasonic Jungle Handheld

It is really hard to make a clear comparison to any existing gaming system. Regardless of that, what is clear is it takes a pretty dedicated team of online gamers to develop a portable gaming system that allows the possibility of playing an MMORPG like World of Warcraft  anywhere you choose. One more note of rumored features are a HDMI and USB ports, which really makes the Panasonic Jungle Portable Gaming console really attractive.

This new edgy company is rumored to be a small start-up company called Panasonic Cloud Entertainment. It was spun from the uber-mega Japanese corporation Panasonic.

They are said to have nestled their spot into Silicon Valley and are shooting for a niche market that allows the MMO gamers to emerge to the open spaces.

An official launch date has not been announced by Panasonic but is expected to be released in 2011. Speculators have the price point somewhere in between $200 and $400 although it has not been officially announced either.

So there you have it, the announcement of the new Panasonic portable gaming console. Stay tuned for more details as they become available!

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