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Panda Jam Tips, Tricks and Hints

Updated on July 24, 2012
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Anurag loves playing video games. His guides and listicles revolve around popular iOS, Android, PC, and console games.

Panda Jam is an addictive match-3 puzzle game with a unique theme and plenty of difficult puzzles. There are quite few match-3 games that have been as challenging as this game. The main objective is to rescue baby pandas perched on top of a wall made from different types of colored cubes. You will need to match 3 or more same-color cubes underneath the baby pandas to clear them and return the pandas to their mother.

Matching cubes is fun, but you have a limited number of moves in each level. Moreover, you will have to gain at least one star to advance to the next level. The strawberry meter at the top of the screen fills up as long as you clear those cubes containing strawberries.

In a nutshell, the game has two objectives to complete: rescue baby pandas within limited moves and collect at least one star to reach the next level. The puzzle challenges can be extremely difficult at later levels. This handy Panda Jam guide provides quick tips for beginners and advance players to help them hone their matching skills.

Tips and Tricks

  1. The game does not have any time limit. But you will have to be careful not to waste any move as each level has minimum moves to spare.
  2. Be quick in clearing cubes, collecting stars and lowering the cube wall so that the baby panda returns to his mother. A slight delay will allow the evil baboon to activate the level and add an extra row to the wall. This will increase the cube wall height and keep the baby pandas away from the mother.
  3. Make sure you clear those gems containing strawberries at the earliest to collect those delicious strawberries and fill the strawberry bar. This way, you will earn stars quickly and complete at least one objective of the game.
  4. Once you have collected at least one star, start clearing same-colored cubes which are in large clusters. This way you will lower the wall quickly enough in minimum moves and help baby panda (s) get back to their mother.
  5. There will be many levels where you will need to rescue more than one pandas. Of course the number of limited moves will also increase, but you will need to be quick to rescue at least one baby panda. The second or the third can then be easily taken care of.

You too can add more rows of cubes by pressing the space bar. There are certain drawbacks and advantages of adding cubes:

  • You will have a difficult time clearing cubes as more cubes get added to the wall. Wasting moves ultimately will result into losing more moves.
  • There’s one advantage of adding more cubes – increasing the wall’s height so that you get a chance to collect stars. Remember, you will need to earn at least one star to be on the safer side. You can then help the baby panda reach the ground quickly. Sometimes, clearing cubes on a low heighted wall allows the baby panda descend quickly, but the chances of getting a star is rare. In such situations, press the space bar to raise the wall by one row. You can then clear the ones containing strawberries quickly.

Panda Jam Tips: Daily Rewards
Panda Jam Tips: Daily Rewards

Using Power-Ups and Making The Most of Rewards

Power-ups are key to clear the number of color cubes quickly. Different types of power-ups can be unlocked in each stage. For example, The Rocket power-up is unlocked at the Bamboo forest Island stage. Here are some simple tips to use power-ups:

  • You can use a maximum of 3 power-ups in each level. Unlocked power-ups can be bought by spending in-game coins. These coins are earned after completing a level successfully.
  • One of the most useful power-ups is the color bomb. It get’s unlocked at the first stage. Once you buy this, you will see color bombs scattered in between the cubes. There will be yellow color bombs, blue color bombs, green bombs etc. Clicking on a color bomb will clear all cubes of that same color.
  • I did not find fireworks to be of any use except clearing one column. Still it can be used in tandem with the color bombs for clearing more number of cubes.

Rewards: Don’t miss the Daily Rewards. Every day, you get a chance to spin rewards and earn coins. The Daily Reward spin combinations cheat sheet is shown at the top-right corner of this section.

The hearts shown at the top-left corner of the screen are lives. If you lose a level, you lose a heart. Thankfully hearts get replenished in every 30 minutes.

Tips to Make the Most of the Strawberry Challenge

  • A weekly strawberry challenge is a fun social aspect of Panda Jam. However, it is quite different and unique than other Facebook games. Under the strawberry challenge, you and your team of neighbors can collect strawberries and earn weekly rewards by reaching certain milestones. Here are some tips to make the most of this challenge:
  • Add more friends. This will increase the chance of collecting more strawberries. All strawberries collected by your team get added to the total automatically.
  • There’s a bar just beside the weekly strawberry challenge panel. The bar shows the milestone to be reached by collecting an X number of strawberries and coins that can be collected after reaching the milestone. The helpful video in this guide explains how much strawberries are needed to reach milestones.

All Screenshots, courtesy of Panda Jam Developers. Provided by the Writer


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