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Paper Jamz Electric Guitar Toy Review

Updated on February 6, 2012

A review on the new guitar toy for kids the paper jamz electric guitar toy. The new musical toy that you can play as a real guitar.

Paper Jamz electric guitar toy
Paper Jamz electric guitar toy

The Paper jamz electric guitar toy is made by Wowwee a company that has made toys that is ranging from dolls, Radio controlled toys, to board games and now some of the most realistic awesome toy musical instrument there is the paper jamz.

The paper jamz first draw to customers is its catchphrase which it is the first guitar for kids that you can use as a real guitar or specifically an electric guitar and a musical instrument toy that is made of paper.

The paper part of paper jamz an electric guitar toy is true but not the paper that you are thinking of. It is made of hard paper that somehow looks like a cardboard covered with a slippery shiny plastic. Even if it is made with this paper material, it is strong and durable like plastic which is the material mostly used in toys nowadays. By being a paper guitar, this has made this toy guitar for kids lighter than most guitar toys out there and certainly more comfortable to carry around.

The catchphrase of this electric guitar toy which is play like a rock star is somewhat true. You can definitely play notes and chords on this toy electric guitar but it is no comparison to playing a real, normal guitar. The sound being produced by this electric guitar toy is crisp and sharp by just using the built-in speaker in this toy guitar but if you want it to be louder, there are paper jamz amps being sold as an accessory for your paper jamz guitar.

Paper Jamz Electric guitar Pros and Cons


Toy that you can play as a real guitar



Guitar sounds always sounds like metal

Man playing Paper jamz electric guitar

The paper jamz guitar has 2 other different modes besides the freestyle mode where you can play it just like a real guitar. The first mode which is perfect play is the mode where the guitar will just play continuously from the 3 songs built-in with this electric guitar toy. The second mode which is rhythym is a little bit harder than the first mode. In Rhythym mode, you will have to time your strumming so it will sound good and aligned with the vocals and drums of the same 3 songs that are built-in with this guitar for kids.

The paper jamz guitar has different styles to choose from. From the paper jamz classic rock that have lynrd skynrd songs pre-recorded inside, paper jamz AC/DC guitars, paper jamz flying v to my favorite style the paper jamz gibson guitar. And with this different paper jamz guitar styles, you can also buy different kinds of paper jamz guitar straps for it.

This new guitar toy for kids that uses paper as its material and a kids guitar that you can play like a real guitar is only with the paper jamz electric guitar toy.


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