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Parents Choice Award Toys

Updated on September 10, 2012

 The Parent choice awards are out!  If you don't know the Parents Choice Foundation is an organization that picks out all things good in media and toys for our children.  The foundation was formed in 1978 and is nonprofit.   The foundations purpose is to bring provide parents with  educational toys and media that help promote growth. 

Parent's choice has bee a guide for many parents over the past year.  The gold seal tell parents that this toy is fun and educational.  Check out the list below that tell you what makes a good toy in the eyes of the Parent's Choice Foundation.

What the Parent's foundation looks for

 Here is criteria for what makes a good toy

The Toy is safe

 The Toy can be used in several different ways

The Toy challenges your child to do think or feel

The Toy is attractive in shape, color and texture

The Toy fits in wiht your own tastes, knowledge and budget.

The Parents Choice Award give out several preigious honors. The best is the Classic Award. The Classic Award is often marked with a bronzish medal.  The Classic Award is for the toy tha has been a Parents Choice winner before and has been a parents pick for five years,  The next best award is the gold award. The parents choice golds award is given to the toy that has the highest quality with the highest production standards  The Silver award is given to the toys that help children figure out ethical attitudes and rigorous standards and skills.  The Silver awards are given to toys that promote human values.  The Parents Choice awards gives out awards for recommended toys. These toys are given a red seal.  The last of the awards is the Approved Seal.  The Approved Seal states that this toy that help[s children with physical, social or academic skills.  

 So with out much more ado lets take a look at what Toys received the Parents Choice Foundation Award for Spring 2010. Most likely you may not have heard about them as these are not your mainstream toys!

My Take Along Farm

 My Take Along Farm by Playmobil inspires a lot of imaginative play.  It is recommended for ages 4-7.  It includes a farmhouse you pull apart to reveal the inside.  Playmobil is famous for putting a lot of accessories in their playsets.  Here there is a fence and many plastic animals and a farmer to put in the two story farmhouse.

Playmobil 123 LARGE ZOO

 The Large Zoo is another Playmobil toy set.  This toy can inspire lots of imagination.  There are lots of accessories in this set.  There is a zoo environment and several animals. A zookeeper and mommy with a stroller also came with this toy.  You can feed the animals with fake food that can be delivered by a tractor to the zoo pens.

Thames & Kosmos Alternative Energy and Environmental Science Fuel Cell 10

 The Fuel Cell  by Thames and Kosmos received the gold seal from the Parents Choice Awards.  The model car science kit is recommended for children 10 and up. This cool model car allows your child to experiment with a a model car that runs on water and sun. A full 64 page instruction booklet comes with it. The fuel cell can be used again and again.

 The TEDCO Gyroscope is a Parents Choice Classic Award winner.   The Gyroscope is recommended for ages 8 and up.  This toy has been popular through the years as it continues to defy gravity.

Thames & Kosmos 600002 Classic Science The Dangerous Book for Boys Essential Electronics Kit

 The Dangerous Book for Boys Essential Electronics Kit received a silver medal.  Your little scientist will be able to experiment with the LED light and the motor on a safe level.  he or she will be learning the basics of electronics and electricity. Despite the name The dangerous Book for Boys, this toy is not dangerous, nor is it just for boys!

Radio Flyer Smooth Rider Scooter

 The Radio Flyer Smooth Rider received the recommended award from Parents Choice. This scooter folds up for easy storage and has adjustable an handle.  This is a fun toy for ages 6 and up.

CITIBLOCS Original Wooden Building Block Set - 300 Piece

 Citiblocks Wooden Set was given the Recommended award.  This set comes in sets of 200 block and  300 blocks. Build low structures or skyscrapers.  Blocks are made of pine and are recommended for ages three and up.

 The Little Tykes Making Mudpies Play Set was given the silver award.  Included in the set is an actual hand cranked mixer, bowls, cups and stirrers and a little sink for water.  Great for creative play and even a greater mess!

 The Parents Choice Awards gave out many other awards for toys too.  If you are interested in finding out about the Parents Choice awards in Children's Television,books and games take a look at the link below!

Do you use the Parents Choice Awards to guide you on your toy purchases?

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    • breakfastpop profile image

      breakfastpop 7 years ago

      Thanks for the info. There are so many choices out there that a little help choosing is very much appreciated.