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Parker Duofold Fountain, Ballpoint Pens Review: Vintage, Resin, Gold Nibs, Platinum Trims

Updated on August 16, 2011

Parker Duofold

Parker Duofold is a true classic, one of the most recognizable fountain pen collections ever created, one which has been in production nearly a century, and still holds creditable vintage value. Since the launch, Parker consistently introduced updated editions, both in terms of design and writing and filling systems: Duofold Junior, Geometric, Striped, New Style, Lady, and most recently Centennial comprise only a partial list of this historic department.

New Pens that are produced today offer a luxurious resin-based design that presents a visually arresting mosaic layout on the barrel and the cap; 23K gold or platinum trims compliment the 18K gold nib, which will also feature platinum accents in separate models. Duofold writing instruments come in fountain pen, rollerball, and ballpoint modes, colored in yellow citrine, burning amber, or blue marine tones.

Parker Duofold Mosaic Fountain Pen
Parker Duofold Mosaic Fountain Pen

A classic black only variation provides a more calm, reserved alternative, echoing Waterman Charleston in purity, though the latter collection parades more rounded contours.


Parker Duofold exhibits a long barrel and a short section, from which the nibs, classically cut from stainless steel or gold extend. Several rings on the cap and the section, and an arrow shaped clip constitute the rather short metallic ornamentation: the collection relied on saturated, strong colors (the red flat-tip) since its inception for decorative effect, and today's models are no exception.

The cap's top is always flat, reaffirming the simple and effective aesthetic behind the entire collection. The clip, on the other hand, has passed through several evolutions, emerging in contemporary selection in the form of the familiar Logo arrow.


Though Parker may bypass the luxury of metal plating employed by such brands as Waterman or Montblanc (though sterling silver plated items exist), they pay particular attention to the nibs – the most important part of the writing instrument, the part that does all the “hard work.”

On their official website Parker declare that they equip their Duofold fountain pens with manually polished and assembled nibs, each of which has been tested for visual and calligraphic integrity. Engraving includes an ace, the gold standard, and the title “Parker.”


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