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Parker Frontier, Premier Fountain Pens, Rollerball, Ball-Point Pen Review

Updated on August 16, 2011

Parker Premier

Parker Premier directly rivals the classic Meisterstuck, offering luxurious fountain pens, plated with gold or silver, or covered with lacquer, and featuring complex, textural, visually engaging patterns on the metallic caps. While all premier items carry the arrow clip, it is the three-linear ornament that becomes the trademark of this collection, appearing once on the cap, and twice on the section.

Frontier segment can be viewed as a casual, stripped of all luxurious elements Premier – on the one hand – and as a transitional design between the latter and Parker's Sonnet on the other. Either way, it's stainless steel matted trims and resin body reassert the brand's casual and functional roots, bringing to mind the simple yet effective Vector, and separate Duofold models.

Premier pens are all equipped with solid gold nibs, plated or highlighted with rhodium – consequently displaying single or two-tone pattern. The arrow logo decorates the center of the writing piece, resting above the “Parker” embossing.

Parker Premier Fountain Pen
Parker Premier Fountain Pen

Frontier pens present a simpler, stainless steel nib (gold plated in some variants) where the functional breather hole acts as its own decorative element.


Because Parker became a bestselling brand, perceived by customers as a modern company that focuses on rollerballs and ballpoint pens, the fountain pen Premier emerges as a surprise. It's orthodox, highly traditional design harks back to Art Deco and before, when the industry was only forming, and such companies as Waterman and Sheaffer dominated the market.

Still, Parker insisted on making the basic premise their own, introducing the interesting and impressive three-linear pattern. It might appear too crude to some aficionados, but it has character and verve.


An entry level fountain pen with understated working class pride and class, it makes every single trim, gold or steel count.

Blue or black translucent resin give the design the needed depth. This line also includes rollerball and ball-point pen writing modes.


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