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Parker Performance Facet, Executive, Esprit Pens Review: Fountain, Rollerball, Ballpoint

Updated on March 16, 2011

Parker Performance

Parker Performance department includes three collections – Facet, Executive, and Esprit – designed in an experimental, youthful spirit. All three display unorthodox shapes that break with tradition, and present fun-suffused, light, colorful aesthetic that contrasts with the somewhat austere architectural qualities of such Parker classics as the Duofold, Premier, or Sonnet.

Facet and Esprit stand out as close relatives of the classic Vector: a tubular based-shape, a similar geometrically cut nib (in the fountain pens), and basic materials (aluminum and other) adorned with chrome trims. Both collections offer three ink-based writing modes, and the multi-pen variations. Colors include blue, red, black, and shades of gray.

Executive collection is a different animal. Available strictly in multi-pen, it exhibits a spaceship-inspired barrel, reminiscent of Montblanc Starwalker, and comes in black and chrome (glossy or matt) tones. While bold an experimental, it projects clear business and formal qualities that elude Facet and Esprit.

Parker Facet Fountain Pen
Parker Facet Fountain Pen

Let's take a closer look:


Facet features a multi-faceted body that remotely refers to the innovative square Waterman Exception; the complex cap of the fountain pen mode combines the facets with patterned stainless steel design of Sonnet and Premier. Classic arrow acts as the clip.


This is a more boisterous, colorful line when compared to Facet: it quotes both Vector and Jotter, and relished the ease of form and contours that casual, uncomplicated design allows. Still, the powerful grooves cutting through the section bring to mind the iconic three-linear ornament of Parker Premier.


Executive pens approach fashion and associated with it experimental spirit as close as brand philosophy would allow. This pen undermines the norm, and defies tradition – yet at the same time manages to keep a straight face, and a respectable, intriguing appearance. This is not a pen for everybody, but it broadens Parker's range, and injects a dose of fun into the company's selection.


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