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Parker Sonnet Fountain Pen Rollerball, Ball-Point Pen Review

Updated on August 16, 2011

Parker Sonnet

Parker Sonnet collections pays tribute to classic fountain pen design, endowing its writing instruments with elegance and hints of wit – all spiced with the brand's unique direct, unfettered design approach. Sonnet gets the closest to a true luxury and fashion-conscious line in Parker selection, featuring precious metal plating (sterling silver, gold), and high-tech inspired decoration (stainless steel, titanium).

Coming in fountain pen, roller-ball, and ball-point pen writing systems, all items carry the classic arrow clip, and a cap bordered by a metallic top and a broad ring; two thin alloy rings delineate the sections. Nib, stainless steel or solid gold, are either single or two- tone, the latter models bearing rhodium plating or highlights.

Perhaps to counterbalance the memorable mosaic design of the Duofold, Sonnet offers a range of square patterns, cross-hatch and others, to produce a strong effect of sophistication. Together, the two patterns reflect nature and city, chaos and order.

Parker Sonnet Fountain Pen
Parker Sonnet Fountain Pen


Sonnet pens combine a tubular barrel, a tapering and long section that widens towards the end from which the nib extends, and a generous cap. When capped, the pens repeat the classic cigar shape employed in the industry since its inception. Colors include black, red, metallic, gray, and subtle beige in the sterling silver plated filigree models.

Ball-point slim variations opt for a more modern design, shortening the section to a minimum, and displaying nickel (palladium plated) glossy trims.


Because of its traditional, familiar template, Parker Sonnet resembles, and simultaneously rivals a range of collections from other brands. Sheaffer Agio, Waterman Expert and Hemisphere in particular echo the contours, while Waterman Perspective and Montblanc steel Meisterstuck in barrel and nib decoration and engraving.

Within company assortment, Parker Premier stands out as a relative of the Sonnet, though the former segment has more in common with the Art Deco inspired Waterman Charleston.


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