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Party Games For Everyone

Updated on February 11, 2016

Games are played at parties and get-togethers for fun, frolic, to facilitate interaction, and entertain the guests. Below are listed some enjoyable party games, that can make your special day or event memorable.

Party Games Facilitate Interaction and Entertainment

Ten Games That Are Great Fun At Parties

  1. Likes and Dislikes: Each person at the party writes down his or her likes and dislikes. Then all in the group have to figure out, who wrote what.
  2. Charades: This is a word guessing game. Players are divided into two groups. Team-A produces a secret word and writes it on a paper slip that is given to a member of Team-B who acts out the word using gestures, and his team members have to guess it, then vice versa.
  3. String Treasure Hunt: In this game, the host winds colored strings all around the household, inside and outside, up the stairs and then back down, over and under the furniture, beds, and chairs. Teams must wind up their roll of string to find the treasure at the end of the roll.
  4. Sticker Stalker: Everyone is provided some stickers. The challenge is to stick them on people without their realization. You got to get stealthy, and use up all of your stickers first, to win.
  5. Shout About Movies: This is a movie trivia DVD game in which the players are split into two teams. The game has eight rounds, all of which revolve around films. Teams have to shout out answers. When a player shouts the answer correctly, their team gets a point.
  6. Guess The Phrase: This game has two teams with one person serving as referee. Think of phrases, television shows, movies, music albums that people in your group would easily guess, and put them on index cards before the party begins. Team members take turns drawing and guessing. One member from a team draws, and the others from his or her team have to guess the phrase within 45 seconds to receive a point. Drawings must be completed without any words or gestures. If the phrase is not guessed within the time limit, the other team gets a free guess and can steal the point. Teams alternate back and forth, drawing and guessing.
  7. King Elephant: In this game, the players sit in a circle. Each person decides to be an animal and use a hand signal that will reflect that animal, as, for example, someone who wishes to be a duck would flap his arms like wings. One person is the King Elephant and has to hold his hand out in front of his nose, like an elephant's trunk. He or she is the head of the circle. There should be an empty chair between him and the next player, who is the back of the circle. The King Elephant starts the game, making his signal and then another player's animal signal. Then the others follow in turns. Play continues until someone makes a mistake. The player who goofs goes to the back of the play circle, and all the others move up. The goal of each player is to become King Elephant, which can happen when the King himself makes a mistake and has to go to the end of the line. King Elephant then has to become whatever animal the new king was, and use this new signal. Either a time limit can be set on the play or the group can continue with it until they begin to loose interest and enthusiasm.
  8. Act and React: Every person in the group imagines different events to react to, such as discovering a crocodile in his garden,or a snake in his bed, or seeing his favorite celeb on the street, then writes them on slips of paper, and pops them into a hat. Participants will draw one of the events from the hat and react to it while everyone else attempts to guess the situation they are trying to enact.
  9. Two Truths and A Lie: Each person at the party takes turns telling two truths and a lie while everyone else tries to evaluate which one is which.
  10. Adverb game: A person is asked to leave the room while others in the group choose an adverb, as per his or her face expressions and gestures, such as gloomily, lazily, or joyfully. When the person returns, he has to guess the adverb. He can either ask questions, or ask the group to act out a situation that can depict the chosen adverb.

Few More Games That Deserve A Mention

  • Categories: One player in the group shouts out a category, such as fish, desserts, chocolates, or flowers and the other players shout ou examples.
  • Hand Tap: The group sits in a circle, all cross arms and lay their hands flat on the table or floor. Someone is picked to start the tap, and each hand taps the table in its turn. If someone taps their hand twice, then the direction changes and the tapping goes the other ways round. If someone lifts their hand to tap out of their turn or does not tap in their turn, then that hand is out. Play continues until there is only one hand that has not made a mistake, left in the circle.
  • Grand Inquisitor: The inquisitor has to choose three categories, such as novels, actors and flowers. Players sit in a circle with the grand inquisitor in the middle. He or she points at a person and fires a question which has to be answered immediately. Anyone who cannot answer has to leave the game.
  • Blind man's bluff: A person is blindfolded and turned around three times. Players scatter.When he catches one, he has to identify himor her by touch.


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