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Updated on January 7, 2011

Going On A Partyspree

Ever wanted to go on a wild and crazy party spree but you just did not know how to go about it? I would not recommend doing this regularly because you will die early! Also it helps that you have a good job that you can afford to party and pay for medical expenses because you cannot go on a partyspree and not expect something to happen! Don't worry that is the fun of it all.

The first step is to get as much liquor in you as possible. It is even more hardcore if you mix drinks. Try a red bull and black label then a car bomb! However, I suggest you eat before you do since you can end up throwing up instead of partying up!

The next step is to gather an entourage. You need people that know you and like you and want to party with you. Make sure they know how to have fun.

Lastly, only go to sleep once the sun is up. You can't be on a partyspree if you're going to bed before sunrise!

My PartySpree

Going on a partyspree!
Going on a partyspree!


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