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Paying for EA online content on FIFA 11.

Updated on February 9, 2011

Paying for online features after purchasing a game.

Today on the 9th of February I decided to purchase FIFA 11, just because the majority of my friends have been playing quite a lot and I enjoy playing games such as FIFA but I don’t really get into them. So I went to my local Asda store, or Wal-mart for the Americans and I found that I could purchase it for £25, so I thought, I’ll look in the town centre to see if I could find a cheaper price, if not I’ll head back out to Asda and get FIFA 11.  So I went into HMV and I found that for an extra £3 I could buy it on pre-owned, but as I have a fair amount of loyalty points at HMV I bought it from HMV for £3 higher. This is where the story takes a turn for the worst. I purchased FIFA 11, so I could play with my friends online. EA sports, which make FIFA, decide that if you want to play online you must enter a code, which comes with the instruction booklet inside. Also this code can only be used once.

I found this out AFTER purchasing the game at HMV, so I looked into taking the game back into HMV and found out that I can’t because it’s a trade in. Here is the real kick in the teeth. If I want to play online, I must pay 800 Microsoft points, which is about £6. Which got my even more annoyed, having to pay £40 a year to play Xbox live, then paying £28 for FIFA now I have to pay another £6 to play FIFA online.

I mean how cheeky is it that EA say that even though you’ve bought the game from us, and paid Microsoft £40 to play online, you must also pay another £6 to use the features. I mean seriously?! How stupid is that, I understand that I didn’t purchase it off EA directly I bought it off HMV, but that shouldn’t mean that I have to pay for the ability to play the game online. I just think it’s absurd.

I just thought I’d have a little bit of a rant because this really annoyed me and one of my friends has told me that EA do this with all of their video games so this is even better. It just means that all of the people wanting to buy the game second hand, just won’t. If I knew then, what I knew now, I would have just walked to Asda and bought the new game for £25. So now, I’ve got to pay £34 all together just to be able to play online. If you guys feel the same, please leave a comment and give me your story. I think it’s daft the businesses are forcing us gamers to purchase the online content when we buy it in the first place. 


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    • Aaron_Perks profile image

      Aaron Perks 7 years ago from United Kingdom

      It's because the code is only for a year, you'll have to pay for the online ability now, or wait till FIFA 12! It's daft!

    • profile image

      Gomez 7 years ago

      i brought the game when it first came out i paid £40. I used up the trial but now i its saying i have to pay for an online pass.