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Pelikan Classic Series m150, m200, m205, m215 Fountain, Rollerball, Ball-Point Pens, and Pencils Review

Updated on June 2, 2013

Pelikan Classic

Classic Series 150, 200, 205, and 215 constitute Pelikan entry level pens: stainless steel nibs instead of the usually incorporated 18K gold ones, and less luxurious materials – though the brand as always is insistent on declaring about their “high quality.” Gold, silver, and palladium trims and plating occur in some of the collections nevertheless, and, complimented by a range of colors – including red, green, blue, white and black, the Classic department presents a strong segment in the brand's casual, everyday-use assortment.

In terms of design, the instruments appear like simplified Souveran, and also resembles Ductus in their essential, almost industrial-looking design. The use of chrome and lacquer brings to mind the similarly numbered (100, 300, 500) series offered by Sheaffer – a company specializing in affordable, high quality fountain pens.

Besides the mentioned metals, materials also include resin and lacquer, all well known substances in the industry. M215 is notable for subtle palladium linear trim; this collection surprisingly resemble the conceptual Waterman Perspective – a pen that reproduces the qualities and characteristics of Corbusier design.

Pelikan 150 Fountain Pen
Pelikan 150 Fountain Pen

Let's take a closer look:

  • Series 150 exhibits simplicity at its best. The green and black color combination alludes to Souveran, while the fluid transposition of the section into the barrel rivals even that of Ductus or Toledo. Available in fountain pen writing system only, equipped with a fine, medium, or bold nib.

  • Series 200 retain the basic 150 structure, but raises the luxury level by plating with gold the stainless steel nib, and introducing transparent ink tank of different colors. Available in rollerball, refill pencil, and push-button ball-point writing modes.

  • Series 205 take the luxury up yet another notch, introducing fine sterling silver touches on the cap and clip, and covering the bodies with glossy layers of black, white, or vermeil-tone red lacquer. Perhaps dues to the play of light on the lacquered surface, these pens (also ball-point) appear slimmer then their classic counterparts.

  • Series 215, the high-end model in this traditional section, features decorative palladium crossings and lines that lend the instruments an extra aesthetic dimension; the thick, generous ball-point pen reminds of Parker Jotter, while the roller-ball powerfully echoes the Souveran, and even special editions where Pelikan opt for expressive linear ornament.


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