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Pelikan Ductus Fountain Pen, Rollerball, Ball-Point Pens, Pencil Review

Updated on March 16, 2011

Pelikan Ductus

Though Pelikan Ductus reveals more than a few similarities to the classic Parker Vector, the two collections exhibit one principal difference: the former is an elegant, formal and business oriented line of fountain pens, the latter is industrial to the core – hard, stainless steel metallic, and decidedly casual. In other words, though both derive their titles from Latin, it is the Pelikan model that offers more refinement and individuality. For the tough, simplified, and workmanlike aesthetic, Vector may be the preferred choice.

The stripes appearing on the cap of Ductus pens allude to the classic designs of Souveran – yet the effect is somewhat different, as the overall “attire” appears to replicate an elegant Italian suit, not the fluted columns of ancient Greece (Temple of Artemis limited edition). The aerodynamic, almost rectangular nib, which only towards the end shapes into a triangle (instead of fanning out like traditional nibs) underlines the modern, fashionable qualities of this collection.

Pelikan Ductus Pens
Pelikan Ductus Pens

Ductus arrives in all four writing systems: fountain pen, rollerball, ball-point pen, and mechanical pencil.


Featuring a classic Pelikan monolithic body, Ductus offers the second longest section of regular edition pens the company manufactures – primacy belongs in that regard to the luxurious Majesty.

In a way, Ductus can be viewed an opposite to Majesty – a simple yet refined enough design (18K gold nibs, precious metals trims), the step between the function oriented, stainless steel based Traditional series. Though a relatively small collection, Ductus rivals other Pelikan offers for the title of the most fashionable.


Black becomes the dominant, definitive color, covering completely the barrel and the section, and most parts of the cap. The cap incorporates either silver or gold stripes, essentially producing the two available tones – gray and yellow.

The clip, matching in tone, and shaped like a loose tie, completes the design with a characteristically emphatic, metallic confidence.


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