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Pelikan Limited and Special Edition Fountain Pens Review

Updated on January 15, 2015

Pelikan Special/Limited

Already Toledo pens anticipate the flurry of creativity and artistic expression that flourishes – almost limitlessly, it seems – in the Limited and Special editions offered by Pelikan. Virtually all existing traditional elements o fountain pen manufacture, from the top of the cap to the tip of the nib, are put to test, as brand designers introduce irregular, grotesque, and thematically suffused shapes, ornaments, and colors – all adding up to one of the most beautiful and versatile writing instruments selections ever made.

Very few companies can offer something truly unique to rival the Limited Editions (writers, patron of the arts) created by Montblanc; Pelikan is up to the task, accomplishing it with confidence and unparalleled panache. Inspirations include historical locations and buildings, the seven wonders of the ancient world, famous (and infamous) geographical locations, and other symbolical themes.

Materials comprise sterling silver, gold, palladium, ruthenium, resin, lacquer, and others; special edition items arrive in roller-ball and ball-point pen writing systems as well.

Pelikan Limited Edition Hanging Gardens of Babylon Fountain Pen
Pelikan Limited Edition Hanging Gardens of Babylon Fountain Pen

Let's take a closer look at some of the collections:


  • Effects of Civilization line was launched in 2007, and includes such models as Silver Screen (palladium plated aerodynamic piece that references the invention of cinema), Calculation of Times (astronomy and calendar commemorating model plated with gold and ruthenium), Evolution of Script (featuring ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs engraved and filled in gold), and Fire (and its influence on civilization – a lots of red lacquer, topaz gemstones, and gold).

  • Seven Wonders of the World accommodates such editions as the Gardens of Babylon, The Colossus of Rhodes, Pyramids of Giza, Temple of Artemis, and the Lighthouse of Alexandria. Naturally, all concentrate around the Mediterranean, particularly Babylon, and ancient Greece and Egypt – cradles of modern Western, as well as Eastern civilizations. These fountain pens incorporate a lot of fine goldsmith detail, some focusing on the cap, others on the barrel, and blue, black, green, and other colors.

  • Special Edition pays tribute to nature's incomparable beauty by embodying on the pen (via refined precious metal ornamentation) the sands of Sahara, the falls of Niagara, the heights of Mount Everest, and the deep, remote glow of polar lights. Less experimental and bold in shape, these Pelikan pens nevertheless project a very strong, in some cases intense character aimed to appeal to collectors who are on friendly terms with psychological undertones.


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