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Pelikan Majesty Fountain Pen, Rollerball, Ball-Point Pens Review

Updated on January 6, 2015

Pelikan Majesty

Already the title of this Pelikan collection – Majesty – implies its luxurious provenance. The line indeed crowns that department of the brand's selection of fountain pens which which can be viewed as destined for everyday use (that includes Souveran, Ductus, and Classic Traditional departments) – special and limited editions forming their own unique category.

Like all Pelikan pens, Majesty features a monolithic body which seamlessly combines the section with the barrel. The former part consists of two segments, one tapering, from whose end the 18K gold, rhodium plated nib extends, and the other smooth and polished, forming an in-between stage towards the barrel itself.

Majesty offers two main lines, 7000 and 7005, carries a solid sterling silver casing, platinum (a metal that doesn't lose its sheen with time) plated, and a range of 18K gold nibs, sized from fine to oblique broad. Available in fountain pen, roller-ball, and ball-point writing systems.

Pelikan Majesty Fountain, Rollerball, Ballpoint Pens
Pelikan Majesty Fountain, Rollerball, Ballpoint Pens


Being completely metallic, this pen opts for the more direct, tubular-cylindric design, eschewing cigar or other classic shapes (as do most of Pelikan creations) in favor of a more industrial, modernized appearance. The fluted barrel becomes a trademark brand embellishment – the play of light and shadow it allows gives the instruments another visual-aesthetic dimension. The Temple of Artemis limited edition fountain pen brings this design to its logical – and truly magnificent – conclusion.

The cylindric cap is adorned with a ring of diamond chasing, and displays on its side another company trademark: a tie-like clip, the most prominent of all Pelikan lines – even more clearly defined than that of Souveran.

7000 and 7005 Lines

The two designs currently in production, 7000 and 7005, are very similar both outwards and inwards: the latter differs in that it introduces black color to the cap, offering an alternative to the all metallic former category.

In both collections, the ball-point pen variant is smaller in length by about twenty percent, providing an option for customers with smaller hands. Pelikan render the rollerball almost identical in length to the fountain pen.


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