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Pelikan Toledo Fountain Pens Review: Sterling Silver, Gold, Palladium

Updated on March 16, 2011

Pelikan Toledo

In a way, Toledo is a privileged collection: designed in the artistic spirit of special and limited editions segment, it nevertheless was given by Pelikan a separate title and space in the brand's selection. Someone in the company design department must be in love with Spain, and the Mediterranean in general – otherwise it's difficult to explain the Greek, Egyptian, Syrian, and other adjacent influences in the ornamentation and the architecture of these unique fountain pens. For comparison, most Montblanc limited edition creations focus on west and north European themes.

Besides the decoration – a quintessential element, as each writing instrument carries its own original, hand-made engraving – Toledo is also pure luxury: it incorporates various precious metals, namely sterling silver for the body, and gold, palladium, and rhodium for the trims and the nib, providing an alternative not only to the mention above pieces, but also to the high-end Majesty.

Pelikan Toledo Fountain Pen
Pelikan Toledo Fountain Pen

Importantly, the classic collector oriented character of this line is emphasized by the limited production (only 200 items a month) and the single writing system available: a fountain pen.


Toledo started in iconic black and green palette. Souveran, Pelikan's leading collection, offers the green-black combination as a fundamental choice, definitive of the brand's mystical, even somewhat Gothic roots (it is a German company after all).

Gradually, yellow and red models appeared, both in a kind of oblique shade that manages to retain the mystic qualities despite the warmth and brightness of the colors.


The 23K gold or palladium filled engraving on the barrel casing features the bird pelican during various activities (feeding, sleeping, taking off for a flight) performed in stylized fashion – yet not without a touch of realism. Botanical and other landscape elements complement the scenery, creating a harmonious, wall-paper type composition.

18K gold nibs, rhodium highlighted, once again repeat the bird's image, this time in the form of company logo engrave at the center of the metallic piece.


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